Featured Pictures: “Oh the horror…” (307/365)

Hello! I can finally relax again. I finished my essay, took my test, and it’s Friday, which means I can shut my brain off for a little bit. And by shutting my brain off, I mean playing some Minecraft.

I even made a deal with Tyler yesterday. In order to motivate myself to NOT play Minecraft and instead finish my essay, I told him that if I even tried to log into the server that he was allowed to destroy my Quantum armor. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but considering the time it took to make it, I wouldn’t be too happy.

Anyways, it worked. I was tempted, but I didn’t go on the server yesterday.

Tyler did though. And he also told me that the spawn for the server is almost done. So, once we can get our plug-ins on 1.4.2 we should be good to go.

Onto the post. I hope everyone had a good Halloween. But, I also hope that you didn’t eat too much candy and have some crazy dream or something. I ate quite a few cookies in Minecraft that night, and I had the weirdest and most horrifying dream ever.

I was watching the Minecraft news when they started talking about how Disney bought Lucasfilm and that a new Star Wars movie was going to come out in a few years. Then they showed this picture:


I awoke with a fright. I was screaming my head off. The thought of a seventh Star Wars movie was scary enough…but then they said it would be made by Disney!

I calmed down and realized that it was just a dream…


It wasn’t a dream?

There really is going to be a new Star Wars movie?

A new trilogy?!



Even better yet…

Yes. I am being a little dramatic about this whole thing. But Star Wars Episode 7, really? They really do just care about making money, don’t they?

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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