Minuscule Minecraft/Mojang/Blog News (309/365)

Hello world! Are you ready for barely any news at all?

Yes, it was a very quiet week on the Minecraft front. The only real news is that Mojang released a 1.4.3 pre-release and Minecraft Forums had a malicious Javascript being served on their site.


Now, I am going to be honest, I don’t really understand this whole Minecraft Forums thing entirely. What I think I know is that there were some ads that had a malicious javascript within them. The problem has been amended and no personal information was compromised during the time. If you want more info on this topic, you can read what MCForums had to say about it here.


We are gathered here today to remember the fallen bugs. The people at Mojang managed to kill 104 bugs for this update! That’s quite a few.

Download the pre-release here.

Here is the complete list of the bug fixes.

Mojang plans on releasing the update on Wednesday if everything goes smoothly. After that, hopefully we can get some snapshots for 1.5 to see what awaits.


If you recall from a few days ago, I mentioned that our server is ready to be released as soon as we get a stable version of Bukkit, which should be fairly soon.

We are still figuring out some of the details, but right now we are planning on a Vanilla server with selective PvP. Meaning that we may have an arena or some area where PvP is enabled.

We’re also hoping that we can find out why I can’t log into any Vanilla servers, because it would be a little crappy to have a server and not even be able to play on it.

Well, that’s enough server talk for a while. Let’s see…

We completed the 10th month of our 365 project. The end is in sight.

One more thing. I have a few questions for you faithful readers. Since this was a fairly short post, I am going to put a few polls on here.

First, I want to know how you guys feel about my Surviving the Nether series. Keep it? Dump it? What do you want?

Also, should we just erase Survival Saturday entirely for a new day, Server Saturday? In this case, we would do one of three things:

  1. Show the progress on our server (before and after it is released).
  2. Show off some cool creations on our server (made by other people, not us)
  3. Check out another server and review it

Let us know what you think.


Next up, what is your favorite Survival series?



Finally, what is your favorite day on our blog?



If you responded to all three, then thank you. We appreciate a little feedback once and a while and we especially want to know what you guys like and dislike about our blog.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!



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