LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 19- The Orchid (310/365)

Hello world! I have another LOST post for you today. Actually, this post marks the end of Season 4. A few months ago (when I didn’t have my laptop), I took a lot of pictures for future LOST posts. including some pictures for this post. I had some additional settings for Season 4 including the freighter, which I was going to blow up.

Unfortunately, I forgot all about these pictures when I bought my laptop, and I accidentally deleted them. Shame, but oh well.

We shall continue on with Chapter 19.

As you may recall, a bunch of mercenaries came to the Barracks to capture Ben and escort him off the island. Well, Locke and Ben went to go see Jacob to find out what they should do next. “Jacob” said that they should move the island.

Ben knew what to do. They went to a station called The Orchid where they could move the island. The station was actually designed for the study of time travel, but deep beneath the station there is a hidden area which holds the key to moving the island.

Step 1: Find the Orchid

Step 2: Go down the ladder into the station

Step 3: Look for some TNT

Step 4: Destroy the wall and go through the revealed passageway

Step 5: Push the giant wheel to move the island

“I hope you’re happy now, Jacob.” -Ben

*Blinding white light, loud high pitched sound* Island moves.


Actually, in the real show a lot of other stuff happened. But those things were not included in this map, nor were any of the events that transpired in Season 5. The map maker felt that Season 5 was too confusing and didn’t add much to the story. So he omitted all of that story line. Therefore, next week, we shall start on Season 6.


Quick update: I know that Tyler and I have been absolutely terrible with keeping the reference pages updated. I am going home this weekend, so I will have some time to work on them then. Sorry about that (I can’t remember the last time they were updated…not a good sign), we’ll try harder, but no guarantees.

One more quick piece of news. Yesterday we posted a few polls asking you, our viewers, what you like and dislike. One of those polls had to deal with my Surviving the Nether series and Survival Saturday in general. I just want to ask that if you have not already answered please do so, it would be greatly helpful. We want to have this figured out by Friday so we can modify our schedule accordingly.

Again, this is a repeat poll. If you have already answered then please don’t answer again (I don’t know if you can actually, but if you can then don’t), and if you haven’t answered please take a second to do so. Thanks.



Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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