The Top Twelve Tekkit Things: Part 1 (312/365)

Hello everyone! Today is Wednesday which means that there is no scheduled post today. For a few days now I have been wondering about what to do for today. And then it hit me while I was playing some Tekkit. A list of the top 12 most important/useful items in Tekkit. These items can be down right necessary to just insanely helpful. These items appear in no particular order, and some of them are combos, so let’s get started.


Alchemical chests and Alchemy Bags work the exact same way, except you can carry an Alchemy Bag with you. By themselves they aren’t worth a whole lot, they just provide a little more chest room. But when you put a Talisman of Repair into the chest you have a way to automatically repair your tools and armor…at not charge!

The recipe for an alchemical chest is fairly cheap. You need 2 pieces of smooth stone, a wooden chest, 2 iron ingots, a diamond, and one piece of each type of covalence dust (green, light blue, dark blue). The Alchemy Bag is just an Alchemical Chest, 5 pieces of a certain color of Wool, and 3 dark blue covalence dust.

A Talisman of Repair is a piece of paper, 2 string, and 2 of each covalence dust.

When you place the Talisman in the chest/bag, any tools of armor that you have stored inside will automatically repair over time.

Why do you need these things?

A couple reasons. A) You don’t need to waste precious resources to make new tools because you can repair them. B) You can get away with using some weaker tools (like a stone axe or shovel) instead of making diamond tools just so they will last longer.


Seriously, I don’t know how you would live without this thing. A condenser, although it is expensive, provides the ability to trade in your crappy items (rotten flesh for example) for useful things.

To make this amazing chest, you need 4 diamonds, 4 obsidian, and an alchemical chest. Like I said, it is a bit expensive (you need 6 diamonds, plus 3 more for a diamond pickaxe for the obsidian), but worth it.

When you open up the chest you will see that it has a 13×7 storage space, and there is one more box in the top left corner. You take the item that you want to make more of, Iron for instance, and put it in the top left. All the other things that you want to trade in to get more Iron go in the 13×7 area.

The cost to make a certain item is determined by the EMC of the items. For example, Iron has an EMC of 256, Diamonds have a value of 8,192. Therefore, you would need 32 iron ingots to make 1 diamond.

Why do you need this item?

Because in Vanilla Minecraft we tend to collect a lot of fairly worthless materials. Rotten flesh, dirt, cobblestone, etc. Who the heck wants 5 stacks of dirt anyway? Almost no one. So, why not use that dirt and make something a bit more valuable.

My personal recommendation, make some sort of massive farm that you can use to make better items using its EMC. On the server, I had an absolutely massive sugar cane farm. Why? Because I could make 5-6 diamonds every time that I harvested the sugar cane.


What the heck is this thing? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s the crafting table of the future!

This beautiful item is a crafting table and a chest all in one. You have a 9×2 storage area and then the 3×3 crafting area. You can store whatever you want in there. But there’s one more thing. When crafting something, if you have more of the item(s) required to build it in the extra storage space, you will continue to make that thing until you run out of the materials in that space. That was confusing. Example time.

If you are making a chest, you have the 8 planks in the crafting area. But if you also have 64 planks of wood in the extra storage space, you will use those planks too to make more chests, instead of putting more planks in the crafting area individually.

To make the Project Table you will need 3 smooth stone, 4 wood planks, a chest, and a crafting table. It is a very easy recipe for a very useful item.

Why do you need this item?

It is a lot easier than using a normal crafting table. Plus, if you are making something and you start putting the materials into the project table only to realize that you forgot something, you can leave all the stuff in there just the way it is. And when you start making solar panels, you need a lot of copper cables, so using that extra storage area will speed up the crafting.


There comes a time in every miner’s life when he realizes that he has too much crap, and not enough space in his chests to hold all of it. If only there was a way that he could make a huge chest to fit everything and save himself from creating a bunch of chests. Then it’s that guys lucky day!

A normal chest has 27 slots to fill up with crap. A Diamond Chest has 108 slots to fill with crap. That means a Diamond Chest is 4 times as big! I admit, it isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. In fact it would be cheaper to build 4 wooden chests. But this way you are saving room…and a Diamond Chest looks pretty awesome.

There are two ways to make a Diamond chest. For the first method you will need 5 glass, 3 diamonds, and 1 silver chest (to make that you need a copper or an iron chest). The other method requires 6 glass, 2 diamonds, and 1 golden chest (that requires and iron chest). It is a semi-complicated procedure, but it is handy.

Why do you need this item?

It holds a lot of stuff, saves room, and looks awesome. Need I say more?

Due to the size of this post alone, I am separating it into three posts. At the very latest, the other 2 will be published on Wednesdays, but it might be earlier.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!

Click here to read Part 2


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