Tekkit: A Forcefield and A Movie(313/365)

Hello, everybody and welcome to Tekkit thursday. Today I’m going to talk briefly about a few things that I’ve been working on over the last few weeks in tekkit.


Forcefields, as you may guess, are impenetrable walls of “force” that cannot be broken and will work as long as there is power supplied. I’m just going to show you my forcefield, and Jonah was planning on telling you more and even showing you how to set one up in the future.

And another thing, if you have built a computer in tekkit from the mod computercraft, you can watch Star Wars. Yes, that’s right!

It may be slightly pixely, but we’re watching it in Minecraft! Come on.

And I’m pretty sure that Star Wars 7 won’t ever come out to a Minecraft theater near you.



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