Jonah’s Survival Island- Day 9 (315/365)

Here’s a minor landmark for you. Only 50 more posts until the end.

Anyways, it is Survival Saturday, so I have an update for you on my island. And yes, for now we are going to keep Survival Saturday, but Surviving the Nether is over. We are holding off on doing Server Saturday until we get some more stuff taken care of.

Now let’s talk about my island…wait, hold on. What’s this?

Great. Tyler’s moving in now…I hope he didn’t bring any cats.

Well we worked together on finishing the bridge at least.

We also enjoyed some delicious pumpkin pie together.

Overall, we expanded the garden and got some wheat, pumpkins, carrots, and potatoes.

We got some more chickens. More animals will come in the future.

The bridge was completed, now we are working on some lovely cobblestone walls, and maybe a minecart railway down the bridge. It’s easier than walking.

We made a new cobblestone generator on the tree island so we could remove the one on the main island.

And here is the new generator. Tyler made most of it but we had to work together to get it to actually work.

There you go. Sorry for the rushed post but I have other things to do tonight. We shall have a news post for you tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

So, that’s all I got. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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