LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 20- The Four-Toed Statue (317/365)

Hello everyone and welcome to another installation of the LOST Adventure series. We don’t have many Mondays left, so we’re going to speed it up a wee bit.

As you know, we are skipping Season 5 because there are no instructions for it due to its time travelling and confusing nature. So, instead we begin with Season 6, The Final Season.

We’re just going to jump right into it then.

You remember seeing a four-toed statue a while ago, and you decide to head there and explore it finally. Richard says that Jacob lives in the statue.

Step 1: Find the statue

You decide to wait until night to go inside for no reason whatsoever (just go with it). Night finally approaches

Step 2: Enter the statue

You don’t see Jacob inside. You wonder where he is.

Step 3: Look around for clues to the location of Jacob

You found a bloody sword. Then you see the blood on the floor…right next to the fire.

You realize that Jacob has been killed, and was thrown into the fire. The question is…who killed him?

Richard is waiting outside and when he finds out that Jacob is dead, he knows that it was the Man in Black who killed him.

Otherwise known as the smoke monster, who has know taken the form of the recently deceased John Locke.

Uh oh…

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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