Minecraft Tip #36 (318/365)

Hey everyone. Here is a quick Tuesday Tip.

Maps have changed slightly since 1.3. Let’s take a look at this wonderful item.

The recipe is the same (a compass surrounded by paper), but now you are making a blank map which will stay that way until you “activate” it.

When you right-click while holding the map, the area will generate on the map. Instead of it generating a certain area around you, it will generate nearly the entire map.

Isn’t it lovely?

Also, instead of disappearing from the map when you travel outside of it, your icon will stay in a locked position on the side.


Maps now align to a grid, so new maps will connect to each other if you move to the next grid.


You can make a super map of the area.

You can also surround a map with more paper to increase the scope. You can duplicate maps by crafting a map with a blank map. Finally, you can see other players on maps.

Have fun with maps!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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