The Top Twelve Tekkit Things: Part 2 (319/365)

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our continuation of our Top Twelve Tekkit Things Series. We are now on Part 2 and we shall discuss the next 4 items. Remember, these are in no particular order whatsoever, they simply are 12 things that, in my opinion, a “Tekkiteer” could not live without (How do you like my new word, Tekkiteer? I already copyrighted it so don’t try anything funny).

Let’s take a look at these items, starting with #5.

NOTE: Upon further review it appears that someone has already taken my word, Tekkiteer. Damn. I legitimately came up with that on my own…except someone did it before me. I really thought I was going to make millions there…



This is an item that I just recently learned about. For all those electronic tools and other things out there in Tekkit, you know that you need to charge them every now and then. to charge those items you go to some sort of power storage block, right? Wrong!

It is true, you can use some power storage blocks to charge your items…or you can make a Charging Bench and make your life a lot easier. All you do is craft one of these beautiful things, connected it to your power storage like any other machine, put the items inside, and wait for them to charge.

You can place up to 12 items inside the bench. It won’t charge everything at the same time, but it will charge one thing at a time. This way you don’t have to keep placing each individual item into your power storage block. There are three different kinds of Charging Benches (Mk 1-3), each one is more powerful than the next. Just go ahead and make a Mk 3, the recipe is moderately simple.

To make a Mk 3 Bench you will need 5 blocks of wood, 3 HV cables, and an advanced electronic circuit. The circuit is the only sort of difficult piece, but I have faith in you.

Why do you need this item?

Why not? It is a fairly simple recipe and it will make your life easier. Don’t ask questions…just do it.


Well…Quantum/Gem Armor is better, but you at least need Nano armor. With Nano armor, you are almost invincible. You can still die, you’re just going to have to really try to die, that’s how awesome Nano armor is. Quantum will give you a little more protection and also offer you a few “superpowers.” But if you are just looking for protection, then go with Nano armor, it’s good enough.

Nano armor costs a lot of coal. Did I say a lot? Because I meant to say that it costs a crapload of coal. Well…I suppose that with the amount of materials I have now, it isn’t a whole lot of coal. But when you are just starting up, it is a lot of coal. 168 Coal, 4 Diamonds, 32 Redstone, and 1 Glass. That’s what you need. When you look at the big picture, it’s pretty easy I guess. It’s just going to take you a while to macerate that coal and then compress the raw carbon mesh. And once you are all done, you still have to charge it. Ugh.

Why do you need these items?

A full set of Diamond armor in Vanilla is something that everyone cherishes. It offers the most amount of protection you could ever want. In Tekkit, however, Diamond armor is for newbs. Diamond armor can break…Nano can’t. Diamond offers limited protection…Nano offers A LOT of protection. Diamond looks cool…Nano looks awesome. Need I say more?


We have another combo pack here. Basically, if you’re playing Tekkit then you need some power source. Coal/Generators will suffice when you are just starting out, but eventually you need something more reliable. What’s more reliable than the Sun?

If you’re using solar panels then you will have a lot of energy…maybe too much. Maybe a good ol’ power storage block will help out.

If you’re using advanced power storage blocks then you are going to make your machines go “BOOM!” unless you have a trusty Transformer by its side.

This is a lot to talk about here, let’s begin.

There are 4 kinds of solar panels. Regular, Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, and High Voltage. Those panels are arranged in the amount of power they will harness.

Here are the recipes. You need 3 coal dust, 3 glass, 2 electronic circuits, and a generator to make a Regular. To make a Low Voltage, surround a LV Transformer with regular solar panels. For Medium Voltage, 8 low voltage panels and a MV Transformer. And, obviously, for a High Voltage you need 8 medium voltage panels and a HV Transformer. As you can see…it is difficult to make a HV Panel, but worth it.

Here are the different power storage blocks. You have the Batbox, MFE, and the MFSU. Instead of explain it, see the picture. It goes over them well.

For a Batbox you need 5 wood, 3 batteries, and a copper cable. For a MFE you need 4 energy crystals, 4 2x ins. gold cables, and a machine block. Finally, for a MFSU you need (a lot) 6 lapotron crystals, a MFE, an advanced machine block, and an advanced electronic circuit.

Now, the transformers. To make a LV Transformer you will need 5 wood, 3 copper and 1 copper cable. To make a MV Transformer you will need 2 2x ins. gold cables and a machine block.

Why do you need these items?

These will amount to having a lot of power, almost unlimited power depending on what you hook up to your power source. And why do you need unlimited power? Why do you ask stupid questions? This is Tekkit you crazy person.


This thing is awesome. You need it for certain recipes, and you can also do some really cool stuff with it too.

You can craft awesome stuff like Interdiction torches.

You can transform mobs into other mobs (you can only transform peaceful mobs to another peaceful mob, likewise for aggressive mobs).

You can open up a crafting table anywhere.

You can change certain blocks to a different block (stone –> cobblestone , stone –> grass , etc).

It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.

To make this beautiful item you need 4 glowstone, 4 redstone, and a diamond. Also, when you use it in crafting recipes, you will get it back, it is not consumed in the recipe.

Why do you need this item?

It’s awesome. And you really do need it for some important recipes.


That is all for today everyone. We will have the final 4 items revealed next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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