An Automatic Red Matter Machine, Combining Science With Magic!(320/365)

Hello everyone. You have no idea how wonderful it feels for me to actually do a post for once. As you may remember, the last few of mine have been pretty shoddy and short, and I apologize for that. I suppose working 35 hours a week with 10 additional hours in four different classes can take some time. Nonetheless, I have some time, and I’m here to show you what I’ve been working on in my spare time in Tekkit. In addition, I will also include a definition of “Emc” and how it relates to Tekkit. Let’s begin!


“Emc,” as it is commonly referred to in Tekkit, is the value of an item or resource. For example, a block of dirt or cobblestone is worth 1 emc, while something more rare, such as coal is worth 128. This means that if you use a condenser, which Jonah has talked about in his posts, you can turn all that worthless dirt or stone, into something good. Or vice versa. This is a great way to get rid of all the normal crud that you may acquire while playing Minecraft. All that extra cobble, spider eyes, seeds, string, and all that can be turned into iron, food, or even diamond. Although, Diamonds are expensive, requiring about 8192 emc which equals 128 stacks of cobble. Wow. Or you could turn 32 iron into a diamond. Thankfully, tekkit comes with a whole bunch of extra ores that you can make into diamonds, along with collectors which I will talk about shortly.

My Machine:


Looks wonderful doesn’t it? I’ll explain what it does.

So, those glowstone cubes with the black on top? They’re called Energy collectors, and they basically collect energy from the sun/light sources. They turn that energy into “emc” which can be used to make stuff. Sounds awesome, except for the fact that they are expensive. Each one by itself costs about 10 diamonds if not more, and I have 52 of them. So 520 diamonds went down the drain. However, after a while, they will make up for that. And right now, I have them fueling a condenser which is making diamonds.


These diamonds are then shipped downwards by a piping system to the crafting area.


The block with the blue top off to the left is an automatic crafting table. These tables will receive materials, and then craft whatever I have planned in them when they receive the materials. In order to make dark matter, which is needed to make red matter, I have this crafting table making diamond blocks. The condenser off to the right is turning diamonds into aeternalis fuel, another needed ingredient for dark matter.


The next part is the pipes that lead to an additional auto crafting table. The diamond blocks are moved into the crafting table, along with about eight aeternalis fuel, and wallah! We have dark matter. This dark matter is then pumped into an additional crafting table where it is used to make red matter.


Finally, after Red Matter is created, that Red matter is then piped into my house for later use.


There you have it! An automatic, and lazy man’s way of making Red Matter. I hope you did enjoy the post, and if you did, please post a comment or even rate this post! Thank you, and…. Happy Mining!




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