LOST Adventure Map: Chapters 21/22- The Temple (324/365)

Hello everyone! Our LOST series is coming to an end. If all the posts are done on time, then the finale will be on DECEMBER 10TH, with an Epilogue the week after.

Back to this post. Today we are going to visit the Temple, the Others’ hideout. After learning that Jacob was killed by the Smoke Monster, all the Others went to the Temple, believing it to be the only safe place on the island. We also just learned that Jack, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Hurley, and Sayid (who is injured and dying) are all candidates to replace Jacob. They must be protected.

Step 1: Find the Temple walls



Step 2: Go inside through the hole in the wall




Long tunnel…





You encounter a group of Others and tell them that you are candidates. You tell them that they have to heal Sayid before he dies.

Step 3: Find the magic pool and save Sayid





They hold Sayid in the pool, but he drowns and dies. Except he gets back up a few hours later. Dogen, the Temple leader, brings Sayid to his room to “ask him a few questions.”

Step 4: Go to Dogen’s chamber to check on Sayid




You find out that he was “torturing” Sayid (he was in fact testing him to see if he was claimed) and ask Dogen what’s going on. He tells you that he believes Sayid has been claimed like Claire was. You ask where she is and find out that she is in the Temple also.

Step 5: Find Claire and talk to her



When you are talking to her you hear a loud noise outside. You recognize it. It’s the Smoke Monster. You realize that you have to get out of the Temple as soon as you can.

Step 6: Find a way out of the Temple, not the way you came in





You make it out of the Temple. You’re glad that you did too because the Smoke Monster is destroying the place and killing everyone inside.


You’re not sure what to do next, though. Fortunately, Jacob appears to Hurley and says that you must go to the Lighthouse. So, that’s where you’re going.

But we’ll save that for next week.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!



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