Minecraft Tip #37 (325/365)

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick tip for you today.

Now don’t get too excited, but this is a griefing tip. Today I am going to show you a fun way to really piss someone off. Although, I would recommend that you only do this to your friends since they might be inclined to forgive you eventually. I would be pissed if Tyler or Riley did this…but I guess I would forgive them after a while.

So, back in 1.3, Mojang added certain blocks which already contained the dreaded Silverfish. They are easily accessible in the Creative inventory.

Three kinds: Smooth stone, Cobblestone, and Stone Bricks. All of them have a Silverfish inside.


So, once you break one…well, you know.

S*** happens.


Once you attack them, then others will start to come out and bite your leg.

So, if you litter their house/yard with these blocks, they will probably just think that they are normal stone blocks.

It’s true that these blocks take longer to break…so some people might figure it out ahead of time. Either way, it’s not going to be a good day to be that friend.

Or you once he figures it out.

The Block Brothers does not support griefing…unless you are griefing your friends. Just make sure that they don’t have any TNT before you do something like this.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining…or griefing!


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