The Top Twelve Tekkit Things: Part 3 (326/365)

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the final installment of our Top 12 Tekkit Things series. Here we go.


This is a pretty awesome combination. And we have a lot to talk about for these things.

First off, Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale (a.k.a. Flying Ring). This ring’s main feature is the ability to fly, but it does much more than that. You can fly, send mobs flying, cast lightning down upon them and activate a repulsive field around you. Also, you will be immune from all fall damage and you will be unable to trample crops if the ring is in your hotbar.

Pretty awesome, right? Well everything comes with a cost, and the cost of this ring is high.

To make the ring you will need 4 feathers, an iron band, and 4 dark matter. Obviously the feathers and the iron band aren’t a problem, but the dark matter might take a while. For the dark matter you will need a total of 32 STACKS of coal and 36 diamonds. Have fun.

There is another price with this ring. Once you’ve crafted it, you will need some source of power for it to work. The ring will consume redstone, glowstone, or coal for certain abilities. As long as you have that in your inventory you’ll be okay. Except that really sucks.

Instead of that crap, use a Klein Star. A Klein Star is an item that stores EMC. There are six Klein Stars: Ein, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Sphere, Omega. Each one can hold 4 times more EMC than the previous one. For example, Ein can store 50,000 EMC and Zwei can hold 200,000. Omega can hold 50,000,000 EMC. However, Omega also costs 25+ million to craft, so…you know.

If you have a Klein Star with stored EMC, your Flying Ring will use that up before it uses redstone, glowstone, etc.

Now, how do you store EMC in a Klein Star? With a Transmutation Tablet. You place your KS on the left part of the Trans. menu and some item with EMC in the bottom middle slot. That item’s EMC will then be stored into the KS. If you want, you can also get that item back. Once you use a certain item in a TT, it will be stored in its memory and you can take EMC from a KS back to get more of that item. In other words, it works both ways. You can put EMC in, and take EMC out.

The TT recipe is pretty easy. 4 obsidian, 4 smooth stone, and a Philosopher’s stone (remember, it won’t be consumed in the recipe).

Why do you need these items?

Well, having a Flying Ring is like being able to play in Creative mode. You don’t have to use ladders or make stairs to get somewhere anymore. It also provides a moderate defense against evil mobs. Got a Creeper on your tail. Aim, right-click, and send him flying. Or create a repulsive field and keep everything away. The other two items are just things to make the Flying Ring work efficiently.


This is too cool. Do you want to instantly mine blocks? Do you want to find ores quickly? Do you want cooked porkchops?  Are you a griefer? Then this is the tool for you!

The Mining Laser is a super cool electric tool that can mine blocks with ease. The laser has 7 settings:

  1. Mining (Default)
  2. Low-Focus
  3. Long-Range
  4. Explosive
  5. Scatter
  6. Horizontal
  7. Super Heat

Low-Focus is the weakest, then Mining, and Long-Range is very strong, it can penetrate 128 blocks of dirt and kill an unarmored player with a single shot. The other 4 are special in some way. Explosive is, obviously, explosive. Scatter will shoot 25 beams in a 5×5 area. Horizontal is almost identical to Mining. Super heat will yield the smelted version of the block(s) mined (if applicable).

The Mining Laser can also do damage to mobs and players. Each setting has a different amount of damage too.

  1. Low-Focus- 0.5 hearts
  2. Scatter- 2.5 hearts
  3. Mining, Explosive, Horizontal- 3.5 hearts
  4. Super Heat- 7 hearts
  5. Long-Range- 10 hearts

It will also light that mob/player on fire. Therefore, if you kill a chicken, pig, or a cow with a Mining Laser, you will get their cooked food, instead of raw. Awesomeness.

To make a Mining Laser you are going to need 1 redstone, 2 energy crystals, 4 advanced alloys, and an advanced electronic circuit.

Why do you need this item?

Because it makes life easier when you want to break a block. If you want to do some hardcore mining then this tool will allow you to obliterate the mine within seconds. Plus you get cooked food and it’s fun to shoot your friends with.


These little devils have two different purposes throughout your Tekkiteering career. When you are first starting out, you will need them to transfer power to a generator or batbox to your machines. Once you evolve a little bit you will start using glass fibre cables or something else. However, then you see its second purpose.

Once you get moving along in Tekkit you will start building more advanced machines and solar panels. You’ll see that practically everything requires Copper Cables…a lot of them. Well, it just might drive you mad. You need sooooo many Copper Cables it isn’t even funny and I can’t express how many you will actually use over your life because I lost count back around 2 or 3 thousand. Let’s just say that I hope you have a lot of rubber and copper.

To make Copper Cables you need 6 rubber and 3 copper. This recipe will yield 6 Copper Cables, so keep that in mind.

Why do you need this item?

Start playing Tekkit. You’ll figure it out after…eh, 2-3 minutes…max. Hint: One of the very first things you should do in Tekkit is find a rubber tree…you won’t survive without one, or two, or ten.

12. IRON

You might be thinking that you already use Iron a lot in Vanilla Minecraft. Well, multiply that times a million and that’s approximately how much you need in Tekkit.

You can’t get enough of this stuff. And perhaps I should change this slightly. You don’t need a lot of Iron exactly…but you do need a ton of Refined Iron.

It’s simple enough. Smelt Iron and you get Refined Iron.

Why do you need this item?

I’m not even going to reply with some snarky comment about how much you need Iron. Just understand that you need a lot of it.


I know…this is the top 12 not top 13. This isn’t actually a part of the list but I just thought that I would mention that you should get all over the advanced machines. Rotary Macerator, Induction Furnace, Centrifuge Extractor, Singularity Compressor, Mass Fabricator…you need them all.

The Macerator, Furnace, and Compressor are very easy to make and will help you out a lot (you might not use the Compressor a whole lot, but it’s the easiest recipe).

The Extractor can be a bit challenging to make but the payoff is tremendous.

The Fabricator is a requirement to making Quantum armor (Quantum is the best defensive armor in Tekkit, Gem Armor is the best offensive armor).

That’s all I have to say for the machines.


In conclusion, here are the Top 12 Tekkit Things (again, in no particular order):

  1. Alchemical Chest/Alchemy Bag + Talisman of Repair
  2. Energy Condenser
  3. Project Table
  4. Diamond Chest
  5. Charging Bench
  6. Nano Armor
  7. Solar Panels + Power Storage + Transformers
  8. Philosopher’s Stone
  9. Swiftwolf’s Rending Gale + Klein Star + Transmutation Tablet
  10. Mining Laser
  11. Copper Cables
  12. Iron

That is all. I hope you guys enjoyed this series and perhaps learned a little bit about these wonderful items. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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