Featured Pictures: New Tekkit Crib (328/365)

Hey y’all! We didn’t have a Tekkit post yesterday since it was Thanksgiving, so here is a little post on what’s been going on in Tekkit these days.

Our Tekkit world actually went over a bit of a makeover. All of us had basically become as technologically advanced as we could, and there were some arguments about what we should be able to use. Because of all that, we decided to start a new world and to live together this time.

It has gone significantly well so far. Currently, Tyler is in charge of making all of us some Nano armor (we all have everything except the chestplate). Riley is in charge of expanding our complex and building our “mansion.” And I am in charge of creating machines and more power (we have all the basic machines, a rotary macerator, and 3 LV solar panels).

Anyway, here is what we’ve built so far.

This is our lovely complex.

Here is our original home and garden.

This is the crap shack work house. I know, it’s ugly, we are going to move our machines soon and demolish this shack.

Tyler put in a lovely water fountain.

And this…this was built by Riley. I think that it looks quite awesome. The flag on top represents our three colors. We each chose either Sapphires, Emeralds or Rubies to be our gem. Tyler has Sapphires, Riley has Emeralds, and I have Rubies.

That’s all for today. We will show off our place more next week. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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