Minecraft/Mojang News 11/19-11/25 (330/365)

Hey world! Let’s talk about the news.

There’s something sort of important happening this week, right? I can’t remember. Oh yeah!


The main news this week is, of course, Minecon. It started yesterday and will last until tonight. Last year it was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and this year it is in Disneyland, Paris in France. Unfortunately, Tyler and I are poor college students, so we couldn’t go this year. Maybe next year.

Anyway, a lot of stuff is going down over there, too much for us to talk about in a single post. However, one subject of interest is that there was talk of the Modding API for 1.5. It was also mentioned that the current target release for 1.5 is in January. Click here to read the discussion.

You can read about everything at MCForums if you desire.


There is a new Minecraft app available now for iOS. This app allows you to put your Minecraft creations into reality. Allow me to explain some more.

Now, I have not tested this app, so some of this is speculation. I believe that if you take a picture or video with your iOS device, you can somehow insert your creation into that picture/video. Click here to read more about it.






I had never heard of this before a couple days ago. The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card and is a useful tool for new programmers. By hooking it up to a TV and attaching a keyboard, you will be able to play Minecraft through code. This will allow you to not only play Minecraft through code, but it will also allow you to modify the game.

It would probably take some getting used to, but it sounds like a cool idea. The game will be free of cost and will be called Minecraft: Pi Edition.

Read more about it here.

That’s all we have for you today. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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