LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 23- The Lighthouse (331/365)

Hello world! Welcome to one of the final installments of our LOST Adventure Map series! By my calculations, this series will end 2 weeks from now, with a “look back” post the following week. After that, it will be Christmas, and we will begin our grand finale. More on that in a few weeks.

Previously on LOST…

We ventured into the Temple and uncovered many secrets, but then the Smoke Monster attacked and killed everyone within the Temple. We escaped just in time and Jacob appeared to Hurley and told us to go to the lighthouse.

Step 1: Find the lighthouse

After a long journey from the other side of the island, we have made it to the lighthouse. Let’s see what mysteries await us.

Step 2: Explore the lighthouse

Inside you find a mirror, when you turn it to 23 degrees (which says “Shepherd” next to it) you see Jack’s old house. Other names are on the wheel too. Locke, Reyes, Jarrah, Ford, Austen, Kwon, and many others. You realize that Jacob has been watching everyone for years. You become infuriated.

Step 3: Destroy the mirror


You know that Jacob brought you here for a reason, you’re just not sure what that reason is yet.

You stare out at the ocean and think.

You still don’t know what to do next. You know that the Smoke Monster wants to leave the island, and to do that he will need the plane on Hydra Island. After what he did to everyone at the Temple, you know he’s the bad guy and that you have to stop him. Since he seemingly can’t be killed, the only way to stop him is by destroying the plane.

To be continued…

Stay tuned for next week’s penultimate episode.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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