Zombie Arena (333/365)

Hello everybody! Sorry that we had to delay this post. We originally wanted to do it on Saturday but couldn’t.  Anyways, today we have a new map to show to you guys: Zombie Arena. This map is not only a custom map, but is also it’s own type of game. You can play singleplayer or multiplayer, and the map was designed so that you don’t have to re-download the map after you win/lose. Cool.

Basically, this is an arena where you decide your difficulty and you go off killing zombies and other baddies. You have to survive ten rounds of mob killing frenzy, in which you can use your experience earned to buy armor and weapons. I can say this right away, this is a very difficult map to beat and you may rage quit/cry. Don’t worry, it’s okay.

Here’s the twist. It isn’t just zombies that you’re fighting…that would be too easy. You are also fighting the occasional Skeleton, Silverfish, and Witch. Let’s take a look at the map.

You start by spawning in this room. In here you can read the rules and when you’re ready you can choose your difficulty and choose singleplayer or multiplayer.

Once you make your selections you will be teleported to the arena.

Over here we have the shop. You can buy weapons, armor, food, and other items here at the cost of XP. Some of the items might seem expensive, but it isn’t that bad.


You can do some enchanting, brewing, or you can use an anvil to combine/repair weapons. Personally, I have never used the anvil and I probably never will. There are two enchanting tables, one for low enchantments, and the other goes up to level 20.


To start the next round press this button and get ready for madness.

There will be some delay, but after you press the button mobs will fall from the 8 dispensers.

Here is how the dispensers work. There are 8 of them. All of them have 9 slots, 7 of those slots are filled with zombie spawn eggs, 1 of them has another monster spawn egg, and the final slot has some type of potion or food. As you know, dispensers dispense items randomly, so there’s a 7/9 chance (about 78%) that you will get a zombie.

Hypothetically, you could get all food or potions in a given round. However, the odds of that are so low that it probably won’t ever happen. The chance of getting all food/potions in Round 1 is about 1 in 43,000,000. Which gets worse and worse each round as more mobs/items are dispensed each time.

If you manage to win all 10 rounds, you will be teleported here. You can restart your game here.

Plus, the maker of this game has clearly played Portal. Yep, another “the cake is a lie” joke. Can you find out if the cake is indeed a lie?


Here is the entire area.

As I said, this isn’t an easy map. I have managed to beat the game (on Easy, I haven’t tried Normal yet) with my strategy  So, here are some helpful hints.

  • Press the button, then run into the middle and scope out what you have for mobs. Mainly, stay away from the edge or you may get pushed into lava.
  • If you get a witch, RUN! These things will be your demise if you aren’t careful. Get them into a group so that they damage other mobs.
  • Don’t bother with iron swords or armor, just get diamond as soon as you can. I always have enough XP for a diamond sword after the 2nd round. Then work on diamond armor, then try some enchanting.
  • You can buy gunpowder to make splash potions. Make your Instant Health potions splash first, then Regeneration potions.
  • If you have a Potion of Strength, drink it right before you press the button (but don’t start using it until round 3 or 4, that’s when it get’s tough).
  • If you fall in lava, keep fighting the mobs, and drink/splash as many instant health/regen potions as you can, especially if you are in one of the late rounds.
  • Stay alive.

Hope that helps. I highly encourage you to try this map, it is awesome!

Click here to go to the MCForum page.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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