Featured Pictures: More Tekkit! (335/365)

Hello everyone! Tyler here, doing an actual post. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the post, since I have been busy, so I thought I could at least do today’s so Jonah can have a break. I want to show you what Jonah, Riley and I have managed to do today. We’ve been playing together, pooling our skills and ideas together to work together on projects. Today, we worked on revamping some things to make  our “Compound” look nice. First off we started by upgrading our workhouse, and making it look much nicer.


The building off to the left is out warehouse. We’ve got all the machines we need, along with a good source of power. We’re ready to do some science.

As a bonus, I shall also include this image as a hint for an upcoming post:


Thanks for reading! Guess what? We’ll have another post…..Tomorrow!

As another thing, today is the last day of November. One more month left of our 365 project. Thanks for sticking with us this far, and we hope to see you all the way to the end.

Happy Mining



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