Minecraft Tip #39 (339/365)

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Block Brothers! Today, I am going to show you how to make a cobblestone generator, the likes of which has been featured on both my Superflat survival, and Jonah’s Survival Island posts. Basically the cobblestone generator uses flowing water and lava to create blocks of cobblestone, which can then be mined and harvested. This post will be divided into steps, in which I shall try my best to explain how to build it from pictures. So, here we go!

Step 1: Build the back


The very first step for building the cobblestone generator, is building a back wall. Start by simply building an 8×5 wall, with the wall being five high and eight wide. Note that you can actually build this generator out of anything you would like, so long as the material is not flammable. If you don’t have a lot of cobble, I recommend starting with dirt, but you could build it out of iron if you wish.

Step 2: Build the Water Basin


Here you build the basin. This is where all of the dropped cobble will fall to be collected by you. In order to build this you want to build like this:


Ignore the shoddy drawing. Yes.. I know it’s bad.

Step 3: Build the Water canals


Next up you want to build the canals for water to flow through. First off build the start canal.


Then build a u, by closing off the bottom of the canal.


Underneath that, build a 2 wide strip, as illustrated by the green line.


Now, looking from the side build three blocks out like so:



Lastly, build one block inward towards the water basin.

Step 4: Build the Lava ledge


For this step, just fill in the six-block long ledge with a material for the lava to sit on.


Put one block down like so and you have got yourself a cobble generator setup!

Step 5: Fill’er up!

Now comes the magic. Place water under the lava ledge, two sources so that a water current is created. This way fallen blocks will be carried closer to where you stand.



Place some water on the top two pieces of the canals..


Put two sources of lava on the ledge, and you’ve got yourself a cobblestone generator, ready to be harvested! All you need to do now is use a pickaxe to mine the cobble that is generated, and you will have an unlimited source of cobblestone. If you feel like you could also upgrade the generator with better materials. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps! Happy Mining

A Youtube video showing this!


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