Desert Survival- Day 1 (340/365)

Hello everybody. Today I decided to start a new series. Very similar to my Superflat survival series, I will be playing on a superflat map. However this time I will be playing it a little differently:


I’m going to be playing some Desert Survival! Since the last update I believe, (1.4 maybe?), they had added custom superflat maps, and I thought that I might as well revive my series, and make it even more difficult than before. This time, dirt will be a rare resource, water will be scarce, and animals are non-existent. It will be a challenge, that much I know, but I shall prevail. Let’s get started.

To start off with, I spawned in the middle of the desert, with no villages or anything in sight. I knew that if I wanted to survive, I would have to find some food and some shelter. I had to find a village.

Need.... shelter.... and .... water... and.... bacon....

Need…. shelter…. and …. water… and…. bacon….

I did manage to find a desert village. By the way, desert villages are really cool. It’s interesting to see all the sandstone instead of the usual cobble and wood. I also found a desert temple, or a pyramid as some may call it. I took extreme caution, as I’ve learned from experience that much tnt, along with dangerous behaviour, can be deadly. I did however find some iron, along with plenty of zombie flesh, and exactly 24 pieces of gold. With all that gold, I did what any sensible person would do: I made some bling.


I decided to harvest some of the wheat grown in the village, and see if the villagers had anything good to trade. I earned about 3 emeralds, (after giving up a stack of wheat), and found a good deal actually:


One of the villagers traded in watermelons, and as we all know, watermelons grow fast and offer a lot of food. So, that was a good deal on my end. As soon as I finished my trading, I decided to head in to the blacksmith’s shop. I had looted that earlier and found three saplings, which would come in useful in the future. I decided to hole up for the night, and get to work in the morning on setting up home base.


I actually covered up the door with some blocks, because I am playing on Hard, so zombies can break through doors now. Better be safe than stupid. Tomorrow I am going to work on my house, get my own farm set up, and get a cobblestone generator set up. Since this world does not have any cobble naturally, I will need to use a generator to get a constant source of cobble.

Until next time, Happy Mining!



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