Tekkit: Suit Up (341/365)


Because Tyler has done a few posts this week and he is working a lot today I will be taking care of the Tekkit post once again. Today I will be talking about the special Tekkit armor sets. Tekkit introduces a few new sets of armor, let’s take a look at them.

Here are the special armor sets: Nano, Quantum, Dark Matter, Red Matter, and Gem Armor

Here are the special armor sets: Nano, Quantum, Dark Matter, Red Matter, and Gem Armor. Note: I excluded Bronze armor because it does not have any special characteristics.

2012-12-06_18.38.22NANO ARMOR-

Nano armor is made up mostly with carbon plates. So you will need a fair amount of coal to make a set. To make a complete set you will need 21 carbon plates, 4 energy crystals and 1 glass block. Here are the raw materials:


  • 168 Coal
  • 32 Redstone
  • 4 Diamonds
  • 1 Glass block

There isn’t much special about this set, except that it runs on electricity and it provides a large amount of protection…and it looks awesome.

2012-12-06_18.38.53QUANTUM ARMOR-

This is the king of protection. If you want protection, then go with this armor because it will protect you from all danger for a long time. The only thing it won’t protect you from is a nuke at point-blank range. Other than that you’re free and clear.


Not only will Quantum give you a crap amount of protection, but you also get a few cool abilities.

Quantum helmet-                        Waterbreathing, poison curing, hunger replenishment
Quantum armor/chestplate-          Invulnerability
Quantum leggings-                      3.4x faster sprinting
Quantum boots-                          Fall damage resistence, super high jumping

Sounds great right? Well it costs a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a crap load.

Here are the things you need to make a full set of Quantum armor:

  • A full set of Nano armor
  • 10 Iridium plates
  • 4 Lapotron crystals
  • 3 Advanced Alloys
  • 2 Advanced electronic circuits
  • 2 Machine blocks
  • 2 Glowstone
  • 2 Rubber boots

That list is long enough as it is, so I’m not going to post the full list of raw materials.

Quantum armor is also an electronic set of armor, each piece requires 1 million EU to be fully charged, so you’ll need a bit of energy to power it up. But if you manage to get a full armor that means that you had to wait a long as hell time to get all that UU matter, so you probably have a lot of power already.

2012-12-06_18.39.16DARK MATTER ARMOR-

Very simple. You get some decent protection and it doesn’t cost any energy to recharge it. You are immune to lava damage, drowning, and all mobs. However explosions (Creeper explosions too) will still inflict some damage.

The recipe for the armor set is exactly what you think it would be. Except instead of iron or diamonds you use Dark Matter. Therefore, you need 24 Dark matter to make a complete set. Here are the raw materials:

  • 192 stacks of Coal
  • A Philosopher’s stone (not consumed in recipe)
  • 216 Diamonds

To charge the armor, hold the V key.

Note: In RM and Gem armor, there is a bug where the greaves/leggings are invisible.

Note: In RM and Gem armor, there is a bug where the greaves/leggings are invisible.


This is basically a more powerful (and more expensive) version of Dark Matter armor. It is stronger than DM armor, but it still has some weaknesses. Its weaknesses are fall damage, explosions, and musket shots.

Red Matter armor costs quite a bit. You need a full set of DM armor and 24 Red Matter, let’s break it down for you.

  • DM armor
  • 720 stacks of Coal
  • A Philosopher’s stone (again, not consumed)
  • 648 Diamonds

That’s all there is to say about Red Matter armor.

2012-12-06_18.41.46GEM ARMOR-

It offers the best offensive abilities of all armors, but does not offer as much protection as Quantum. Here are the abilities of the individual pieces:



Abyss helmet-                     Breathing underwater and shooting lightning
Infernal armor/chestplate-      Invulnerability to fire and lava and create explosions
Gravity greaves/leggings-      Increased free falling speed and slow/repel mobs
Hurricane boots-                   Immunity to fall damage, quick ascension, slow falling, constant sprinting and faster travel while in the air

Gem armor is crafted using various items. Basically you are using different gems/rings as well as RM armor and a Klein Star OMEGA. Note: The Klein Star is consumed in each recipe, sorry.

That’s all there is to say about this armor sets. I hope you learned something today.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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