Minecraft/Mojang/Blog News 12/3-12/9 (344/365)

Hello there. Here’s some news for you.


My goodness. It has been a very long time since we’ve seen a snapshot. But wait, there’s still a catch. This snapshot, though originally planned for 1.5, is actually a snapshot for 1.4.6. Yes, there will be another patch. These new items will be included in the patch.

Mojang made this decision because they promised us fireworks and they wanted to deliver them before New Year’s Eve. They have decided that the 1.5 Redstone Update, will likely be finalized in January or February. So now there is a new patch so we can have our fireworks for New Year’s.

1.4.6. is expected to be released some time before Christmas and 1.5 will be released by January or February.

Here are the new features:


I personally like this new addition despite the fact that they serve no purpose in Survival. Tyler, on the other hand, does not care for them. The neat thing about them is that they are highly customizable. There are a lot of steps that go into this, but I will try and give a brief explanation.

Combine a dye, or multiple for more colors, with gunpowder to make a firework star. You can also add special ingredients to change the explosion. Here are the special items:

  • Fire charge- Large ball
  • Diamond- Trail
  • Glowstone dust- Twinkle
  • Feather- Burst
  • Gold nugget- Star-shapped
  • Mob skull- Creeper-shapped

Step 2 is optional. If you want the firework to fade to a different color then you take the star and add another dye.

In step 3, the final step, you take a piece of gunpowder, paper, and the star and combine them. If you want the flight time to be longer, add more gunpowder to the recipe, up to 3 total.

You have crafted your firework. Right-click it on the ground to automatically launch it or put it in a dispenser to launch it with redstone.

2012-12-08_22.03.01Enchantable books-

Originally, I didn’t see much point with these books, but I suppose they have grown on me a bit.

Put a book in an enchantment table to enchant it. You will only get one enchantment on it, and you might still get Bane of Arthropods, but you will not have wasted a diamond sword’s enchantability for it. To give an item this enchantment place both in an anvil. However, and this is what I hate, you still have to pay a few more enchantment levels.

I could rant on about this for ages, but I will save you from reading all that.

2012-12-08_22.13.09Nether Brick slabs-

This is the last major feature. By request of many people, Mojang finally included Nether Brick slabs into Minecraft. Nothing real special to talk about here though.

To download the new snapshot, click here.



ffm2aNew app once again. However, I don’t believe that this is being endorsed by Mojang. It’s still a neat idea though. We heard about this through MCForums. From what I understand this app allows you to connect with your Minecraft buddies, see who’s online, what server they’ve been playing on, and set up times to play in the future.

Pretty cool idea, however, Tyler, Riley, and I have Facebook and Skype, so I don’t really plan on downloading it. I believe the app costs $1.99.

Read about what MCForums had to say about this app here.


There was a competition a while ago for people to design possible Minecraft t-shirts. The winners have been selected and here’s what they came up with.


My personal favorites, although they are all cool in their own way, are “Mine Crafted” (#4 on top row) and “Bad Weather” (#3 on top row)

Read more about the winners on MCForums here.

Check out the t-shirts at Threadless’s website here.


Mojang is having a contest within their company about who can design the best Pepparkakshus (Gingerbread house). Here are the candidates:







They are all cool. I like #1 because it is the most gingerbread house like, and it looks really nice. #2 wins from a Minecraft point of view, but it’s actually my least favorite because it is too much and it just seems cluttered. #3 is really cool because it is unique and the attention to detail is impressive also (the blood frosting on the robot and the ground, plus the smoke from the robot’s “chimney”).

Mojang is asking people to vote on their favorite. For me it came down to #1 and #3. It was a very difficult decision, but in the end I chose #3.

Read more about the contest and place your vote here.



There is a high probability that you guys have listened to or watched CaptainSparklez’s parody of Gangnam Style, called Minecraft Style, at least once. Well a lot of fans, and the Captain himself (and others who worked on the song), are kind of pissed off right now because they can no longer watch the highly popular song.

gangnamApparently, some company (perhaps multiple) “claimed” the song and now it is blocked in almost every country. The Captain is working on getting the song back to Youtube, but it may not be an easy process. For now, fans of the song will have to settle with his other parodies such as, TNT, Revenge, and Fallen Kingdom.

Click here to watch Captain’s explanation of what happened.


Let’s talk about us.

End of LOST-

header 3

The LOST series is finally coming to an end tomorrow. It started around the end of January and the original plan was to have it done in a couple months. Well…that sure didn’t work out. I highly doubt that I will ever get around to making more videos, but I suppose that there is always some chance that I will get into it again.

One week from tomorrow I will have a little review of the series, talk about how it went, and all that jazz.

December-2012-Calendar-12Final 3 weeks-

After today, there will only be 3 more weeks left until the end of the 365. It is a sad time indeed (well, sort of). However, one could say that we only have 2 more weeks.

For the next 2 weeks we will have normal posts. On December 24th, Christmas Eve, we will be celebrating this blog’s birthday. Then from the 25th to the 31st, we will be having special posts to commemorate the end of the 365. I cannot at this time specify what we mean by “special,” but we won’t be following our normal schedule.

So stay tuned for the final week.

tumblr_m3quz6aiP21qf6d09o1_400Finals, then fun-

This last bit of news isn’t really blog news, but it sort of is. This week Tyler has his finals, so you can expect that I will be doing a few more posts than usual. And next week I have my finals, so you can expect Tyler to do a few more posts than usual. After that, we will be on break and we can enjoy a few weeks off from school. Yay!

That’s all for today folks. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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