Desert Survival- Day 2: Empty Homes and Dragon Eggs (350/365)

Hello everyone and welcome back to day two of my desert survival series. I’ve actually gotten quite a lot done in the last day, including installing a few mods to help add to the series as well as make things just a bit easier. Mostly I installed Rei’s Minimap, which I did a review on here! However, first up some bad news:


As you may have seen from the header, there are zombie villagers now. Sadly, that’s the only kind of villagers left now. During the night zombies must have broken in and killed all the villagers leaving the village empty. It’s my fault too. If I hadn’t decided to stay in the village they would still be alive. Since Minecraft only thinks, (and computes) things that are only a few chunks away, if I had stayed somewhere else for the night they would still be alive. Alas, that is in the past now. It’s time to start surviving. My very first goal is to get a source of cobble, so I constructed a rough cobblestone generator:


I know, it’s not pretty, but it works. For now at least. I managed to collect a few more stacks of cobblestone, and made myself some tools. It was getting close to night again, so I started working on a shelter. Since I actually wanted somewhere to stay for the night that was mine, I built a house. I’m so proud of my craftsmanship:


Isn’t it wonderful? The way that the dirt contrasts with the sandstone? I love having only enough room for a bed and a crafting table. I have named it, the Crapshack.

Now onto some seriousness. I set up a tree farm, because believe it or not, wood is actually a very scarce resource in the desert. Who would’ve thought?


As you may have also noticed to the right, I upgraded my cobblestone generator to make it much nicer, and a bit safer. I also spent about a day and a half working on a new home. I decided that since the villagers are no more, I might as well use their materiels to build my own home. I need to be eco-friendly here!


I kinda like my house. Although the only materials are Sandstone and wood, it still looks nice in my opinion. I had to build a bigger house, because I nearly suffocated waking up from my crapshack. I think I like the change though.

That is all for this post! I do have a quick teaser image for you guys though. I hope you enjoyed the post!



Why are things on fire? You shall find out….next time!


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