Minecraft News 12/10-12/16 (351/365)

Hello everybody, and welcome to the news! As you know, Sunday is the day that we dedicate to summarizing the week before us, going into detail about our blog, Minecraft, and Mojang. Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot of news today, but we did get a new snapshot. So, I’ll go into some detail about that. For this post, I highlighted the major things of the snapshot, but there are still some small things and bug fixes that I left out purposely. Enjoy!

Snapshot 12w50a + 12w50b released:

So yeah, Mojang released a new snapshot. There aren’t a whole lot of new features, but they did iron out the fireworks, and add a nice new perk for those who  play on fancy graphics. This snapshot had mostly minor changes, but still, a satisfying snapshot as well.

  • Fireworks Sounds and Effects Tweaked:

Easy enough to explain, they changed the explosion of fireworks a bit,(Don’t worry, they are still customizable) and added sounds to fireworks. Now you can have a true fireworks show! Why you would waste materials on them is strange to me, but hey, it’s your game.


  • Item Entities Rendered 3D on Fancy:

This one is kinda difficult to explain without an image, but when you drop an item, say a diamond or something, that item will be rendered 3D and spin around, albeit on a miniature scale. This image will explain it better:


  • Enchanted Books and Villager Trading:


This is actually a cool change. You may remember hearing about enchantable books, and now they can be found in chests found in villages and dungeons as well, not to mention you can trade a villager for them. If you don’t remember, books can be enchanted with enchantments such as protection # or something like that. This is really a good addition if you ask me. Not only do you not have to worry about wasting Bane of Arthropods on a diamond sword, you can also buy some using emeralds. It’s a good deal if you ask me.


  • Tool Enchantments:

All tools, whether a pickaxe or a fishing rod can be enchanted with unbreaking to make them last longer. Finally, I can get an truly infinite Flint and Steel. My dream come true. Additionally, you can add silk touch to shears to collect cobwebs. You can only get the enchantment for silk touch on the shears by using an enchanted book.


  • “Thorn” Enchantment:

Mojang added a new enchantment that can be applied to armor. This enchantment, “Thorns,” occasionally causes damages to the attacking mob. If you have some armor with that enchantment, rarely an attacking mob will have some of their damage reflected at them. Kind of a cool enchantment. Could be the difference between death and life I suppose. Sadly, it’s not strong enough to truly kill a mob, because you will most likely die before they do. Still, a nice addition to survival.


  • Christmas Textures:

Hidden in the depths of the snapshot are some textures that will change the look of single and double chests to represent a red and green gift respectively. These textures will only be active on December 25th however, but still, it might be worth tuning in on Christmas to check it out! There is also a hidden ski.png file that represents skis. How this will be used is unknown at the moment, but maybe we’ll get some skis? Who knows?

Thanks for reading, I hope that you enjoyed the news today! Until next time, Happy Mining!



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