Minecraft Tip #41: My Iron Buddies! (353/365)

Hello everybody!

Today I’m going to talk about another tip that I had thought about earlier this week. For today, I will be talking about Iron Golems and how they can really help you.


As you may or may not remember, Mojang added Iron Golems to Minecraft back in 12w08a(Right before 1.2). These Iron Golems are tall, hulking iron machines that will attack and kill any hostile mob excluding creepers. They have a very strong attack, killing spiders or skeleton in only a few hits. How they can be very helpful is that, despite also spawning in villages, you can create them using 4 iron blocks(36 iron) and a pumpkin.

How can they be useful? Well for one, they have a lot of health, and the majority of the time they will kill a mob before they get attacked by said mob. They are very good at defending a home, or even a castle. They walk around a lot, so they will cover ground and kill any hostile mob they see. So, for the cost of 36 Iron, you will essentially get a very powerful, long-lasting guardian. And unlike wolves, they won’t die so much.


As a side note, these mobs are something that you should really only build once you are well established. Iron golems will also wander, so it might be worth investing in a fence around your yard so your expensive bodyguards won’t wander off.

I hope you enjoyed my kinda-tip today. Basically, if you live in a nice house, why not build some good defenders?

Happy Mining!



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