Dragon Mounts Mod Review (354/365)

Hello everybody, and welcome to Whatever Wednesday®. Yeah, that’s right, I just trademarked that. Anyways, today I thought I would change it up a bit from the survival posts that we have seen over the last few weeks, and try my hand at a mod review. This mod, which is soon to be featured in my Desert Survival series( The next post within a week or so), is all about dragons. This time, you can actually tame and train an enderdragon. Let’s do this thing!

This mod, Dragon mounts by BarracudaATA, allows you to take the useless dragon egg that the enderdragon drops, and hatch your own dragon. After you hatch the dragon, you can then tame the dragon and saddle it to take to the skies. So, as soon as you get yourself a dragon egg(Whether it was legit or cheated in), place it in a warm place. In this case, you need to put the dragon egg somewhere next to fire. I recommend placing it right around a ring of netherrack lit on fire. I believe that the more fire next to the egg, the sooner that it hatches, but I am not sure about that. As long as it is in a warm place it will eventually hatch.

Warm enough for ya?

Warm enough for ya?

So, once you have placed the egg where you want it to be, right-click it and it will say whether it is warm enough where it is. After some time(about two minecraft days), your egg will be ready to hatch. You can tell it’s progress by how often the eggs jumps and sways to the side. The more it repeats this behavior, the closer it is to hatching.


When it finally hatches, you will have a baby dragon:


Isn’t it cute? This baby dragon will slowly grow into an adult dragon, which will take about another five Minecraft days. It goes into three different stages, the one you see above is the hatchling stage, which is just after it hatches. After a few days, your dragon will be a juvenile.


This juvenile dragon can now fly, but cannot be ridden just yet. It will spend most of it’s time flying around the skies. I recommend playing until it matures into the final stage, as there is a bug that can cause the dragon to fly away if you close the client during this stage. Trust me, nothing is sadder than losing your dragon. Eventually it will be an adult and can be tamed. You tame the dragon by feeding it raw fish, and it will show hearts similar to that of wolves, albeit on a bigger scale. As soon as it is tamed, you can right-click your dragon with a saddle, and take to the skies. Simply right-click it, and you will “mount” your dragon.


By holding the space bar you will ascend and shift descends respectively. In order to move forward, simply press ‘w’ or whatever key you have set for the forward motion. You turn the dragon by pressing the ‘a’ and ‘d’ keys as well. Nicely enough, you can fight and shoot from your dragon as right-clicking with a sword or bow will not dismount you. Beware though, if you right click without a sword or bow in your hand, you will be dismounted from your dragon and you can fall to your death.

Nonetheless though, this is a very nice mod. By right clicking your dragon with a bone, it will sit, and wait for you to take it out flying. The dragon can fly about the same speed, if not faster than creative movement, and it is a fun experience. This mod gives survival players a way to fly up high, and live on a skycastle without the hassle of a ladder or water elevator. If you would like a much faster method of transportation, this is the mod for you. You can also breed dragons,(Assuming you have more than one) by right-clicking them with fish and they will produce another egg. Occasionally, the dragon may get hurt, and you can heal them the same way you do with wolves by feeding them meat.


diamond medium diamond medium diamond medium diamond medium diamond medium

I hope you enjoyed this review! I would definitely give this mod a 5/5 on our diamond scale, although the one glitch specified is annoying. The mod is responsive, and very cool. There is something satisfying about raising your own dragon from a hatchling. Nicely enough, it only requires Modloader, or Forge.

Happy Flying!


You can download the mod here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/827863-145-dragon-mounts-09pre4-wip/


2 comments on “Dragon Mounts Mod Review (354/365)

  1. Well you need to go into controls and look at the mod’s controls and change them to special keys to fly up or down.

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