News Galore! (358/365)


{Insert COPS theme music}

♫ Hackers
Why you hack, Why you hack
Whatcha gonna do
When Admin Vertith come for you
Tell me
Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do,

Hackers, Hackers
Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do
When he comes for you

Hackers, Hackers
Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do
When he comes for you ♫

You all know about Minecraft Youtubers such as CaptainSparklez, The Yogscast, etc. These people traditionally do simple Let’s Play series, mod reviews, or whatever. They do a good job with it, but it’s nice to see something unique for a change.

Youtuber Vertith, an admin on Muttsworld PvP, started his own series called “Life as an admin” where he merges COPS with Minecraft. In most of his videos, he shows the process of banning individuals that have succumbed to the dark side of Minecraft…hacking.

Often times he will track the individual, look up their diamond-to-stone ratio, wait for some evidence, and then bust them. The player then has a choice. Either they fess up to their crime and accept their punishment or they deny it and get viciously killed by Vertith…and then banned.

Trust me, this series is quite entertaining. Vertith uploads two videos per week, but is on break for now because of the holidays. He will start publishing again in the new year. He also has some other series, but this is his main one.

This is one of my favorite videos from the ones that I have watched so far.

Check out his Youtube page here.

1_4_6MINECRAFT 1.4.6

New update came to our computers this week. The new features were all from the two previous snapshots. Fireworks, enchanted books, 3D items, and other various changes.

Not much to talk about for this. We can still expect Minecraft 1.5, “The Redstone Update,” to show up around late January. Woohoo!


The Xbox-Edition of Minecraft has a new update. There is even a special, Christmas-themed edition of a skins. This update bring MCx360 closer to the pc edition of Minecraft. Coolio.


Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, a documentary by 2 Player Productions has finally been released. People with gold accounts on Xbox Live can see the documentary right away. Others, however, have to buy the movie for $8.00 here.



Tyler finally got a new computer. Six-core, 10 gb ram, 1gd dedicated video memory. It’s a sexy beast for gaming, and Minecraft. Not to mention it gets over 100 fps on the best settings.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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