Featured Pictures: A Look Back (359/365)

Hello everyone! Today is an important day for our little blog here. On this very day, Christmas Eve, one year ago, The Block Brothers was started.

Yes, it seems rather strange and most people think that there was some purpose to starting on Christmas Eve, but there seriously wasn’t. Tyler and I talked about starting a blog the night before and we were talking about starting it later, in a week or so. However, I was really excited about the idea and I was bored the next day, so I started designing the site a bit.

So what was the reason? I was bored. Cool story, I know.

If there are any of you out there that are faithful readers, do you remember what the first post was? Well Tyler and I were trying to think of post ideas, plus it was Christmas, so were throwing ideas all over the place.

1st post (though only by a matter of minutes since we had 3 posts that day)- Santa’s Warning



That was the post. Wow. It’s fun to look back on the original posts. I mean, they kind of suck, but they were the first posts so there is something special about them.

This was the second post, again by minutes, and was Tyler’s first post. He did a little “Twas the night before Christmas,” Minecraft style.



I also wrote about the 12 days of Minecraft Christmas. There were other Christmas posts on Christmas Day too, but they weren’t as special as these ones were.

If by chance you have been with us since the beginning, then you are awesome. Here, have a cake.



Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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