History of “The Block Brothers”- Beginnings (360/365)

Welcome to the final days. 12 months ago, Tyler and I started a blog. In this special post series, I am going to show you the full history of the blog. Hold on to something, we’re going to go back in time.

Tyler was going to help write this post, but was unable to due to other arrangements. I’m thinking that he will be around to help write the other posts though.

There will be 5 posts in this series. For the penultimate post, Tyler and I will take a look back at some of our all-time favorite posts. The final post on New Year’s Eve will be a complete reflection on the 365 project, and a look into the future of the blog. Let’s begin with today’s post.

It’s difficult to know where to begin exactly. I suppose I shall begin back at my old blog, Year of Lasts.


At this time, I had my personal blog, Year of Lasts, for approximately 3 months. It was never very successful, as a result of my boring life and infrequent writing schedule. Needless to say, I didn’t care much about it. One day, I was talking to Tyler at school, and the conversation moved to Minecraft. I had played it before, but only the Classic version. Mixed with Tyler telling me how great the premium version is, and watching tons of Yogscast videos, I decided to get the game.

On November 9th, I purchased the game and started building. I decided to start work on a man-made island and I was going to publish some posts on my blog. I had fun with them, but eventually I stopped making posts, and stopped playing Minecraft. School was getting to me, and balancing Minecraft and school didn’t work, so I had to cut out Minecraft.

DECEMBER 23, 2011-

Tyler was pushing me to make another post about my island on my blog, so I got back to work. While working on the post, Tyler proposed the idea of working together. He could test out mods, send me the pictures, and I would write the post. Then I had an idea, an idea which would change the way we spent our free time more than we imagined.

I proposed the idea of making a completely new blog and have it be strictly about Minecraft. We would both be writers, and would make posts whenever we had time. We could write about mods, maps, everything. Tyler liked the idea, and I told him I would work on the site in a few days.


By the way, a few days means a few hours in this case. I was bored and overly excited by this idea of a Minecraft blog, so I wasted no time in getting started. Also, there is no reason why the blog was started on Christmas Eve, just a coincidence. Anyways, Tyler and I started on the design and we also started throwing out ideas for possible posts. After we had a tentative design for our blog, we started on the posts, 3 of them. This was the beginning of something big.


Somehow we got our first follower on this day. This resulted in a huge morale boost for Tyler and me. We wrote more posts, developed the blog a bit more, but not much else happened on this day.

DECEMBER 26, 2011-

Day 3 of the blog, and we were already grabbing the attention of people. Someone from TheGameGuide, a videogame blog which was removed quite a while ago, contacted us asking if we would like to write for his blog. Surprised by this turn of events, we accepted the offer. We would write for them on Minecraft Monday for a few months, but we eventually stopped, and their blog eventually died. Despite all that had happened in these three days, the most crucial moment of the blog’s history came two days later.

DECEMBER 28, 2011-

I saw a post by the WordPress team where they were talking about 365 projects. I knew what they were, I had heard of them before, but I hadn’t considered the possibility…until now.

I asked Tyler what he thought about trying a 365 project. We both knew it would be a lot of work, but we decided to give it a try anyway.

This moment, a simple idea, changed the way both of us lived out our day-to-day lives for the next 12 months. I will be the first to admit, there have been times when I regretted coming up with the 365 idea, in March especially. We’ll talk all about March tomorrow though.

In the long run though, it turned out well. And based on the blog’s success, I wouldn’t take it back.

We won’t do this again though, I guarantee that, at least not while we’re in college anyway.

After the 28th of December, nothing monumental happened with the blog. More views, and some more followers (I think), but nothing too exciting. With that said, that will wrap up today’s special post. Stay tuned tomorrow for another special post. Tomorrow’s special post will be about the first quarter (January-March).

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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