History of “The Block Brothers”- Hard Work Pays Off (362/365)

Hello world! Welcome back. Today we have another post in our finale series. Today we will be taking a look at the second quarter of the blog which, of course, took place between April and June.

April was the beginning of a new era of our blog. Towards the end of the month, something happened that surprised us both and appeared to start something new with our views. Let’s begin.

Note: Tyler and I are writing these posts together. However, in this post and future posts, there are times when we will be talking about our individual opinions/experiences. To attempt to avoid confusion, we are using different color font at these moments.

Jonah- Red
Tyler- Blue


We survived March. We survived Calculus. It appeared that the worst was over. In a way, it was. However, we still had to deal with College Spanish/German and College Writing. In our writing class, we had to start the paper that everyone dreads…the Trend paper.

The Trend paper involves looking at a certain trend in society and just researching the hell out of it. It took us about 2 whole months to finish it, and it was not fun.

Although, we survived again. We were working on the trend all throughout April, but working on the blog was still slightly manageable. There was also a feeling of relief and hope in the air because it was the final quarter of high school. This meant two things: the end was near, and senior privileges.

All in all, April was similar to March besides the small rise in views and a little bit less stress.

However, something happened towards the end of the month which we didn’t see coming. Since then it has been referred to as “The Great Surge of April.”

April 26, 2012-

A normal day on the blog. 21 views. Absolutely nothing special at all, and that is what makes the next day so surprising.

April 27, 2012-


Come again?

No, we weren’t going crazy. 140 views. What was strange was the fact that, before this day, our record was only 55 views, and we had only gotten into the 40s four times.

The post responsible for all this was Tyler’s “Minecraft Snapshot 12w17a!” post, which received 101 views. Oddly enough, the most popular search term was “troll face” (a picture of which appeared in Tyler’s post) with 18 searches.

It got even weirder in the next two days.

April 28, 2012-

Less views, but still good. 105 views. 71 of which belonged to Tyler’s post.

27 “troll face” searches.

But wait, there’s more.

April 29, 2012-

For a long time, this was our record. 173 views.

132 views of Tyler’s snapshot post.

But get this.

65 “troll face” searches.

Life is weird bro.

April 30, 2012-

28 views. Apparently back to normal.

There were two additions to our blog in this month. First was the idea to make reference pages for our major series (Mod Reviews, LOST posts, etc). The second was to start a new series: Featured Mobs.

That was about it for April. Let’s talk about May.


Inspired by our new surge of views and approaching the end of the school year, we tried harder to get good posts out.

Little happened in school during this time, besides our AP Calculus exam and trend paper.

Additionally, there weren’t any major posts or new series in the month of May. However, we did see a return of the LOST series, which had been on an unintentional hiatus since February. For a few more weeks there would be LOST posts, and then it would go on hiatus again in June.

Although there was no big news with school or posts, we did notice that although our views seemed to return to normal at first, there was a definite increase. About half way through May, we were starting to see a few more 100s popping up every now and then. We managed to get 136 views one day. That’s not quite as good as what we had on April 29th, but still awesome. Our average for May was 68 views per day.

Sadly, that is all there is to say about May. It was fairly uneventful. But June wasn’t.


(Jonah is writing this section alone because Tyler was gone for most of June)

Oh boy. What a month. We graduated from high school, Tyler went to Germany for 3 weeks, and i was left to do all the posts…alone.

Tyler had warned me about this many months before, but I didn’t think it would be that much of a challenge. I mean, I wouldn’t be in school anymore, so it shouldn’t be difficult, right?


It’s true, I wasn’t busy all the time. I worked a couple days a week and I had to help out a bit for my graduation party, but it wasn’t that difficult. The problem was not that I was unable to do posts, it’s that I didn’t want to do posts.

It’s true that I have written a good majority of the posts over the last year. I have more free time than Tyler, so I am able to write more frequently. When I am unable to do posts, or when I am busy with other things and would rather not write a post, I ask Tyler if he can back me up.

We act like a safety net for each other. If one of us can’t write a post, the other can (hopefully). When you take that safety net away, for almost a month, things get ugly.

I such good intentions of making reserve posts ahead of time. You see, I believe it was around this time when we had come up with the reserve post idea. When we have free time (and when we want to), we would write posts that we could use as a backup one day, should both of us be unable to write one. We have used this several times this past year. It’s quite handy…until you run out.

Anyway, I didn’t make any reserves, and traditionally what would happen is I would procrastinate until about 11 pm and then quick write a really crappy post.

I wasn’t happy about the circumstances, but I am stubborn and I hate backing down from a challenge, so I pushed on.

There weren’t any major posts in June, but we did see more views yet again.

We didn’t see any days with a large amount of views like in April or May, but we saw a much higher average. Our average in June was 86 views per day.

It seemed that the goal Tyler and I made back in February might just come to fruition, but not yet. That day would have to wait until July.

More about July, along with August and September, tomorrow in Part 4 of our special post series.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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