History of “The Block Brothers”- Let the Good Times Roll (363/365)

Hello world and welcome back to our Back in Time series. Today we are going to take a look at the third quarter of our blog which signaled the beginning of a new era of our blog.

Since April we had been getting more and more views. In July, our views increased enough for us to accomplish our goal…a goal which we didn’t really believe would come to fruition. Let’s get started.



Tyler had returned from his trip to Germany, and started writing posts again. The block brothers had been reunited. Tyler returned to find that our views were increasing, dramatically.

Back in February, both of us were in our Financial Management class making a project that was more suited for Kindergartners, but that’s not important. The project involved us coming up with a certain number of goals and figuring out how to achieve them.

We were talking to each other, and we jokingly came up with the goal of getting 100 views per day for a single month on this blog. At first, it was a joke, but then we decided that it was a worthy goal. Ever since then, that was our goal. Whether we believed it would ever happen or not is a different story, but it did.

Half way through July, we realized that we had a shot. When July 31st came, we officially achieved 100 views per day. In celebration of this great achievement, we threw a party.

July also marked another landmark for our blog, the start of Mod Monday. Of course, it wouldn’t last for very long, but we started Mod Monday in July. Mod Monday was the predecessor to our complete schedule which came a few months later.

Not much else happened in July. What about August?


We didn’t think that we could top our average of 101 views from July, but we did, because we averaged 136 views in August.

August was a big month for posts too. In August we started doing weekly news on Sundays, instead of having news posts as it happened.

We also started Survival series. Superflat and Survival Island were the first to join the ranks, Surviving the Nether would follow in September. Finally, we once again saw the return of LOST in late August.

August was big for another reason too. August signaled the end of summer, the beginning of college, and the return to stress induced insanity.

We both started college in the final week of August, and from that point forward, we knew things were going to get a little ugly.

Unfortunately there isn’t all that much to say about August. Onto September.


Our blog was thriving. More survival series, a Tekkit series, more news, more mods, and more views. Despite being in college, we were surviving, thriving, and, of course, mining. And as you can see from the header image at the top of the blog, that is what The Block Brothers has always been about.

We averaged 219 views in September. Now we thought that was awesome. That was nothing compared to October.

Sadly there is even less news in September than there was in August. We had the same posts as usual, college was fairly uneventful, and our views rose dramatically. But other than that, not a whole lot. Tomorrow there will be more to talk about though.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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