A Look Back on Our Favorite Posts

Hello everyone and welcome to our very last post of the 365-project. It’s kinda strange isn’t it? We are finally at the end of our goal, to do a post every day for a full year, and we finally did it. So, in honor of our 365 project, we decided that we would look back at all of our posts that we have both done, list the top five favorite posts of ours, our favorite post that we liked of the the other author, and our number one post of all time. So, let’s do this thing!






Tyler’s Favorite Posts:

  • Why do we play Minecraft? – This is my absolute favorite post of all time. I really enjoyed thinking about Minecraft from a theological point of view.
  • Herobrine – I have always loved Herobrine, and writing about the origin of him was fun to do.
  • The Tale of Sun’s Kingdom – This is probably one of my most favorite mods that I have played, and definitely my best mod review.
  • Featured Pictures: Cool Minecraft Creations – I liked this post mainly due to the reason that this gave us 20 thousand views over the duration of 2012.
  • You are Minecraft – Lastly, I put my personal impact onto the Minecrafting world by building my skin, and putting messages in my skin for others to see. It was a really cool moment.

Tyler’s Favorite Post Written By Jonah:

Jonah’s Favorite Posts:

Jonah’s Favorite Post Written by Tyler:

  • Why do we play Minecraft? – Tyler embraced his philosophical nature and wrote a truly interesting post. Really awesome…and really deep.

Our Number One Favorite Post of All Time:

Thanks for reading, Happy Mining, and get ready for the final post which will be published in a few hours.

-Tyler & Jonah


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