Re-opening Shop

Hello everyone! We are finally back!

After almost two weeks vacation, and much needed rest and relaxation, (most of which involved Minecraft) we are finally back and going to start writing on a fairly common schedule. (Don’t quote us on that though) Not going to lie, it was incredibly fun playing Minecraft without having to take any screenshots, or worry about writing a post in time for that day. Tyler managed to play a bit of Skyrim during his time off, and Jonah re-watched a lot of Lost(Not surprising)

This year is going to be an epic one, both for the blog and for Minecraft. Jonah has been hard at work building a ‘hub map’ or sorts for all our future posts. This way, not only can we keep all of our future posts organized and in one place. We can test out the new updates, tips, and all that fun stuff. Now. we welcome you to our first post back:

Re-opening Shop.


This place is a mess! We were only gone for two weeks!


Our poor help desk representative has been replaced by a skeleton. That’s not good for business.

First Task: Finding a new help desk represenative.


Thankfully enough, a nearby villager ‘offered’ their services and is our new helper.

Step 2: Clear out the cobwebs:


Much, much better.

Step 3: Check on computer cores


Liquid Nitrogens Levels good? Alright.

That’s right, our computers run off of Nitrogen. Oh yeah!

I hope you enjoyed that, although short, skit of ours. It’s not the grandest of things, but now that we have some more time, we will be releasing mod reviews more commonly now. Since we do not have to do a post everyday, this will mean that our posts will be of much better quality than you may be used to. However, it means that we will post infrequently. Remember! If you guys have any ideas for us, email us at or like us on Facebook.

-The Block Brothers


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