Proxy a Server? Yes please!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Block Brothers.

Today, I have some really exciting news for those that play Minecraft(obviously) and more importantly, those who play multiplayer. As you may or may not know, many servers usually host about 20-40 players on average. While that is a decent number, many times it feels restricting. Some of the more high end servers, such as the Hunger Games servers, host about 120. Now, that’s a high amount. However, due to a recent proxy developed by md_5, servers no longer have a limit.

Basically, using this proxy a server owner can essentially ‘combine’ servers into a multi-server. So, in example, someone could combine servers together in order to create a server that can host over 2000 people! That is something truly amazing. In the article I read, a server owner basically had a lobby, where players would first connect and then right click a sign, or go through a portal to go to ¬†specific server. What’s cool about this is that in the case of the Hunger Games servers, or something big like that where you usually have to search for an opening on a server, you could join a lobby and wait for a server to open. Not only that, but I could reduce the 8 hunger games servers I have into one, therefore freeing up some more room on my Multiplayer list.

This proxy, while still in its infancy and not the most famous yet, will cause huge changes in the way Minecraft Multiplayer in the future works. No longer will we have to have huge server lists or anything like that, and depending on if Mojang looks at this at all, we may have just revolutionized the way Minecraft is played online.

If you want to get a much better understanding of this, and see some photos of this in action, check out this link: Here

I hope you enjoyed, and Happy Mining!


4 comments on “Proxy a Server? Yes please!

  1. I can see how this would benefit larger server communities which own several game servers, PvP, creative, survival, hunger games etc. But I don’t think several different server owners of Hunger Games servers would go together and fit several servers in one lobby and share the traffic. Sure, it may would have benefit the user experience but it’s not likely since unless a huge server would appreciate sharing its traffic with less popular servers.

    Though, it was interesting reading this. Minecraft grows so quickly, I’ve got no doubt this will benefit some people.

    Btw, sent you an email.

    • Yes, this will really benefit many servers. As for the Hunger Games servers, I was talking more about the ones that I frequent( Instead of having eight different servers under my list, I could go onto a lobby of sorts and wait for one to open, or even be directed automatically to one that is open. Most of the more famous servers would most likely not like to share their traffic with others, but I feel that if they did it would benefit us all.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. This is an amazing development and could quite possibly revolutionize the game. The possibilities are endless. Now lets say you host your Minecraft servers in a High Performance cloud (VPS) where upgrading and resources and individual VMs nodes is done with a click….massive potential for a Minecraft Universe.

    Very exciting!

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