MinePick, Mine!

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Block Brothers. This week has been a special week for us, as we have had not one, but two requests from websites to do review on them. As a member of The Block Brothers, it is my duty to tell you guys about these very awesome websites, since I do consider myself an informant(Self-appointed I might add) for all the Minecraft players out there! Both of us, Jonah and I, are always searching and looking for something to write about, something to show to our dedicated readers. If you are a server admin, or own a website related to Minecraft, or even want a post done for your website, we would be honored to help. As you may already know, our email is theblockbrothers@hotmail.com. Thank you, and enjoy the post!


As we all know too well, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find a good, reliable server to play on. Since Minecraft is not an MMO, and you can’t find somewhere to play on, what you need to look for is a good server listing website. While there are no doubt many different server hosting websites out there, including the almighty Minecraft forums, sometimes you need to find a good website dedicated to listing servers. And with that, I present to you, minepick.com!


Minepick, or minepick.com is a website dedicated entirely to listing servers. While it may list only 141(only?) servers at the moment, it will no doubt be increasing the number it lists. The best part? You can advertise your website on this server, for free. Almost every listing service I’ve seen has some startup fee for listing your server as well as a monthly fee involved. Minepick.com eliminates the need for paying to advertise your server to others out there, and the only charge is for bids for the top spot on the website.

Not only that, but Minepick lists all of the servers by the type that they are, making it easy for a player(such as myself) to easily see if a server is survival or not. It also has a search bar! A necessity I assure you.

All in all, I think that this website is a great place to find a server to play on. As I said before, there are currently 141 servers listed, but that number will no doubt multiply when people find out they can advertise here.(For Free!) As soon as I get some free time from college, I’ll be checking to see what servers I can find.

Click here to check out the website for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post. Remember, if you have ideas or suggestions, or even just want to have a deep philosophical talk with the authors about Minecraft, send us an email or comment below. Thanks!

Stay tuned for a post this weekend!



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