The Great Server Giveaway!

There comes a time for every Minecrafter when you think about starting, or even renting a server. Whether this is for some friends and yourself to hang out and build that epic castle you’ve always dreamed about, or maybe you wanted to always host a huge server where people all over the internet can get together and play. Maybe you just need a server for a little while for a project, or for a video. Perhaps you wanted to try out a server before dedicating yourself to a certain host. Well, have I got the answer for you, and guess what? It’s free. Introducing FreeMc, a website specializing in free servers.

Now, this isn’t a server listing website, but rather a giveaway. If you want to have your own server for a month, for absolutely no cost, this is the place to go. I’m going to go over it in a bit more detail, along with how to register for the next giveaway. I proudly present you;

Free Mc

Click inside the red square. I dare you.

Click inside the red square. I dare you.

I can’t stress enough just how awesome of an idea this is. For a long time I had looked for something just like this, while looking for a way for Jonah and I to work together on posts. As much as we wanted to rent a server then, we didn’t have the money or the methods to do so just yet. Since Riley had offered to host a server on his computer, we had initially agreed out of need.

Sadly, hosting a server for three people and playing on it is a lot of stress for even a good computer like his. We moved onto an old computer of Jonah’s, the one he had played before he got a new computer. We used that for awhile, although even that didn’t last long. Whether it was the lag from the computer, or Jonah’s internet that would cut out, we needed a different server. I suppose if a computer can barely handle  Minecraft, it definitely can’t handle a server.

Eventually we moved onto an old computer of mine,one that was only slightly worse than mine.(This was before my new beast of a computer) Sadly, after a few weeks the computer crapped out and we had to move on.

Thankfully, at this time, I had a credit card and we were able to rent a server from Exodushosting. We still use them for all of our posts, and playing some Minecraft for fun naturally. During that time, it would have been awesome to have a free server.

Although we no longer need a free server(For posts at least), some people want a server where they can try somethings out and create something awesome. Free Mc is just that. A chance to play with friends for free! Why not.

Registering is easy enough. Create a free account,(If you already have an enjiin account, then just log in with that. Create a post about why you want a server, how long you have played Minecraft and all that jazz. Reply to the other forums and you are golden. You are now entered to win a free server for a month.

I wish you the best of luck, and maybe we’ll see you on your server sometime!

Remember: The winners will be announced on February 28th and this is where you can apply.

We are also applying, and assuming we win one, we will finally have a real server for our fans to play on.



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