About the Authors


Minecraft name: SunBurntIcarus

Minecraft skills: Hunting, “Controlled Wildfires” and cooking.

Likes: Jumping from tree to tree like a ninja, fire, and kitties!

Dislikes: Inefficient farms, enchanting, and Witches.

Tyler’s Tekkit Home

I first learned about Minecraft around December 2010. Minecraft was still in it’s very early days, having just released to Alpha. I remember the first time I jumped into the world of Minecraft. I was in school, doing a bit of surfing on the internet for a school project, when a youtube video link advertised on the side of the page. That video was my first Minecraft video that I ever watched, but it definitely wasn’t the last. I had watched episode one of Seannanner’s Minecraft playthrough. From there it was all downhill, or rather, uphill. After introducing a friend of mine, Riley, to Minecraft we both became addicted. He shortly after bought a copy of the game, which was then in Beta 1.2 or so. He lent me his copy which led me to getting addicted also. After a couple of months of pure Minecraft joy, I began to explore. I started to test out mods, and texture packs. Those days, my computer was not able to connect to the internet, so I would have to download the files while I was at school, transfer them to a flash drive and test them at home. Back then if I messed up, I would have to reistall them again and re-download the entire Minecraft jar. There was no room for mistakes. A couple of months after that, in August 2011 I finally bought my own personal copy. I know that I technically stole but all-in-all it’s not as bad as it could be. There are still thousands of people who play online using free Minecraft games, games they hacked to play. And since I did pay for it, it should be fine.

To me Minecraft is a world where you can do what you want. You can Roleplay anyone, or anything you want. You can explore, you can kill, you can destroy, and most importantly, you can build. Minecraft is a game like no other. No other games allow quite the same experience. There are no limitations, there are no boundaries in Minecraft. The only boundaries that exist are the one within your imagination.

Very recently, I have started to try a different style to Minecraft than usual. I’m trying to play Minecraft in a different way. I’m not much for mining, as I’d prefer to play a eco-friendly approach. My character is a tree-monger, and therefore, if you ever see me on a pvp server, don’t let me get into the trees. I’m not joking, the trees are my friends, and I can be a ninja with that.

My Xboxlive gamertag is SunBurntIcarus, and that is also my Minecraft account username. Add me as a friend if you wish. I also play Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

As an additional side note, don’t let me get a flint and steel. Very bad idea.




Minecraft name: John_Locke_4

Minecraft skills: Mining and building underwater cities

Likes: Massive sugar cane farms

Dislikes (Hates with a passion!): Skeletons and Witches

Jonah’s Island

My Minecraft adventure began around a year and a half ago. I saw someone playing Minecraft Classic at school one day and then I tried it out. For a while I was truly addicted. Then I lost interest in the Classic version as it was too limited. Then in November 2011, my friend Tyler and I talked about Minecraft and how much better the paid version is. So, I bought it and loved it. On my old blog, I wrote a few posts about Minecraft and had a “journal” showing the progress on the island I was making. Then, one day, Tyler came to me with an idea. Expand my Minecraft posts a bit. Talk about different mods, maps, servers, etc. He offered to help. Instead of writing the posts on my old blog which was never intended for Minecraft, I decided to make a new blog. On December 24, 2011, The Block Brothers was born.

Because of this blog, I don’t have free time like I used to. In my spare time I think of new ideas for posts, look online for new maps/mods to test, search for servers to play on, write posts…you get the idea. Well, I either do all that or play PS3. Yes, I am a videogame nerd.

In addition to spending far too much time playing videogames, I am also a major  Batman nerd. No, I don’t collect comic books or anything like that. I’m just a Batman nerd. If you heard/read the conversations Tyler and I have then you would understand, as I have an unhealthy habit of saying “I’M BATMAN”…or doing a creepy Sheldon laugh (from Big Bang Theory).

As if I wasn’t nerdy enough already, I am also extremely addicted to the show LOST, as shown by my LOST Adventure Map series on this blog. I didn’t make the map, but I still came up with doing the series, so…yeah, still a nerd.

When this 365 project is over, I’m guessing that a lot won’t really change for me. I have spent the last year working on this blog and it has become the new norm for me. I will still do a lot of posts, probably, I will just have an excuse if I can’t do one on a given day.

Riley masterminded this TNT madness.


Minecraft name: 1111framed

Minecraft skills: Fighting and blowing **** up

Likes: Spawning hundreds of villagers inside people’s homes

Dislikes: Cheaters

While Riley does not do any work on the blog itself, he is often seen behind the scenes in some of our posts. Out of the three of us, he has the best computer which can handle its own server. Before we bought our own server, he willingly created a server which we used in some of our posts.


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