About The Block Brothers

The Block Brothers is a blog dedicated entirely to Minecraft. It began on December 24, 2011 and is the collaboration of Jonah and Tyler.

On this blog we will discuss and review different mods, maps, and servers. We will also post an occasional tip, show off some cool pictures either from Minecraft or relating to Minecraft, talk about the latest Minecraft/Mojang news, and have a Featured Mob post once and a while which will focus on one mob and tell you all you would ever need to know about it. Here is our official posting schedule:

Monday-         “Map Monday”
Tuesday-        “Tuesday Tip”
Wednesday-   “Whatever Wednesday”
Thursday-       Tekkit Thursday”
Friday-           “Featured Friday”
Saturday-       “Survival Saturday”
Sunday-          Weekly News

{This was the schedule for the 365-era. A new schedule for the post-365 era will be created soon.}

We attempted a Minecraft 365 project in 2012. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a 365 means, it means that we had one post every day for an entire year which, in our case, was always about Minecraft. It was a challenge, but we succeeded.

We love hearing feedback from our readers. If you have any suggestions for how we can make our blog better, if you have any recommendations for a mod, map, or server that we should review, or if you have any other problems and questions please contact us. You can post a comment somewhere on our blog, or you can e-mail us at theblockbrothers@hotmail.com.

We also have a Facebook page. If you are a fan of this blog and you are also a fan of Facebook, then like our page. There, you can keep up with our blog as we will share a link to each new post every day.

Finally, if you do not use Facebook but would still like to stay up to date with our blog, you can follow The Block Brothers. On the right sidebar, you should find a box where you can follow our blog via e-mail. Each time we publish a new post, you will get an e-mail.

We appreciate that you are checking out our blog. We hope that you will keep coming back and that you enjoy our posts. Happy Mining!


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