Re-opening Shop

Hello everyone! We are finally back!

After almost two weeks vacation, and much needed rest and relaxation, (most of which involved Minecraft) we are finally back and going to start writing on a fairly common schedule. (Don’t quote us on that though) Not going to lie, it was incredibly fun playing Minecraft without having to take any screenshots, or worry about writing a post in time for that day. Tyler managed to play a bit of Skyrim during his time off, and Jonah re-watched a lot of Lost(Not surprising)

This year is going to be an epic one, both for the blog and for Minecraft. Jonah has been hard at work building a ‘hub map’ or sorts for all our future posts. This way, not only can we keep all of our future posts organized and in one place. We can test out the new updates, tips, and all that fun stuff. Now. we welcome you to our first post back:

Re-opening Shop.


This place is a mess! We were only gone for two weeks!


Our poor help desk representative has been replaced by a skeleton. That’s not good for business.

First Task: Finding a new help desk represenative.


Thankfully enough, a nearby villager ‘offered’ their services and is our new helper.

Step 2: Clear out the cobwebs:


Much, much better.

Step 3: Check on computer cores


Liquid Nitrogens Levels good? Alright.

That’s right, our computers run off of Nitrogen. Oh yeah!

I hope you enjoyed that, although short, skit of ours. It’s not the grandest of things, but now that we have some more time, we will be releasing mod reviews more commonly now. Since we do not have to do a post everyday, this will mean that our posts will be of much better quality than you may be used to. However, it means that we will post infrequently. Remember! If you guys have any ideas for us, email us at or like us on Facebook.

-The Block Brothers


Jonah and Tyler’s Reflection on the 365

Hello everyone! Today we decided that it might be interesting to reflect upon the last year of blogging, write about some interesting points, and really just write about how, and more importantly, why we decided to write a blog about Minecraft and do a post every single day.


When Jonah and I first debated writing a blog about Minecraft, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had been following his original blog, (that was originally aimed at his last year of high school but turned into his adventures in Minecraft) for quite a while and it was something I had been looking forward to reading. I had also been an avid fan of the Yogscast and had been playing Minecraft for some time then, and really wanted a way to express what I had learned, and to show others about the game that I cared about so much. Originally I had thought about doing videos, in like of others like the Yogscast or Capt. Sparklez, but quickly learned that you really need a strong computer for that. I was stuck about what to do, and when Jonah asked if I would like to help write about Minecraft, I jumped on the opportunity.

This past year has been a challenge to say the least. Although in the very beginning, over winter break I might add, making and brainstorming posts was an easy thing, over time it became more difficult to think of ideas. Where had all those ideas I had before I started this gone? Once school resumed, and Calculus as well, time became a scarce resource for both Jonah and I. If it wasn’t applying for scholarships, homework, or some other crap, it was a challenge dedicating the time to our blog. However, looking back on it now, I am glad that both Jonah and I continued this, as we have gained a following of fans and we are incredibly thankful of you guys. I would also like to take the time to thank Jonah, as if it wasn’t for him, none of this would have been possible. He is the real mastermind behind this blog. Nearly every change, whether the themes or polls, or even our fb page, he has been working much harder than I ever did on this blog. Thank you Jonah, for being so awesome, and writing posts when I really couldn’t.

I would have to say that although this was a difficult experience, it was also incredibly fun and rewarding. I had a great time taking the ideas of my own, and writing them for others to see. Having an excuse to play my favorite game was also nice as well. I became a much better writer as a result of this blog, and I will definitely bring my experience with me in my future.


I’ve  been blogging for about 2 years now. It has always been a rewarding experience, but this was different. This time it wasn’t for homework, it was about something that I was genuinely interested in, and it was interesting (I hope).

It is true that Tyler and I probably wouldn’t have become friends without Minecraft. It became a regular topic in our discussions, and eventually we talked about making this blog.

When I mentioned trying a 365 project, neither of us truly understood how much work it would entail. We pushed on though, determined to complete such a difficult task. Completing this project is something that I have looked forward to for months. I had always wanted to try something like this, but I never had the ambition, or the ability to do so on my own.

I cannot begin to explain how relieved I am that this project is over. I also can’t explain how sad I am, or how proud I am of Tyler and myself. This truly is something that many people can’t do, and we did it.

I wish we could get a trophy from WordPress for this, but I suppose not. But in a way, this blog is a permanent trophy for all the world to see. We set a goal, a difficult one, and we succeeded.

Thank you to Tyler, for helping out with the posts and being an awesome friend.

Thank you to Riley, for letting us use your server for a while and for also being awesome.

Thank you to my parents, for dealing with the fact that I am always on my computer playing Minecraft so that I can do posts.

Thank you to my boss, for not scheduling me for 20-30 hours a week.

Thank you to my professors, for not giving me so much homework to keep me from doing posts.

Thank you to Mojang for making a truly amazing (and horribly addicting) game.

And finally, thank you to our readers, for checking us out, commenting, following us, liking our posts, and being awesome people.


So, the 365 is over. Now what?

We will still write posts, but not every day. We plan on writing about 2-4 times per week, this will give us time to write really great posts. We haven’t developed a new schedule yet, but we are working on it.

To celebrate the completion of this project, and to give our brains a little break, we will be taking a week off from the blog. There will be no posts until January 8th, at the earliest.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen from this blog. If you wish, you can follow us via e-mail or like us on Facebook.

This is Jonah and Tyler saying good night, thanks for reading, happy new year, and, of course…

Happy Mining.

It is done.

A Look Back on Our Favorite Posts

Hello everyone and welcome to our very last post of the 365-project. It’s kinda strange isn’t it? We are finally at the end of our goal, to do a post every day for a full year, and we finally did it. So, in honor of our 365 project, we decided that we would look back at all of our posts that we have both done, list the top five favorite posts of ours, our favorite post that we liked of the the other author, and our number one post of all time. So, let’s do this thing!






Tyler’s Favorite Posts:

  • Why do we play Minecraft? – This is my absolute favorite post of all time. I really enjoyed thinking about Minecraft from a theological point of view.
  • Herobrine – I have always loved Herobrine, and writing about the origin of him was fun to do.
  • The Tale of Sun’s Kingdom – This is probably one of my most favorite mods that I have played, and definitely my best mod review.
  • Featured Pictures: Cool Minecraft Creations – I liked this post mainly due to the reason that this gave us 20 thousand views over the duration of 2012.
  • You are Minecraft – Lastly, I put my personal impact onto the Minecrafting world by building my skin, and putting messages in my skin for others to see. It was a really cool moment.

Tyler’s Favorite Post Written By Jonah:

Jonah’s Favorite Posts:

Jonah’s Favorite Post Written by Tyler:

  • Why do we play Minecraft? – Tyler embraced his philosophical nature and wrote a truly interesting post. Really awesome…and really deep.

Our Number One Favorite Post of All Time:

Thanks for reading, Happy Mining, and get ready for the final post which will be published in a few hours.

-Tyler & Jonah