Featured Mobs

*All of the following posts were written by Tyler*

I created the Featured Mobs sections as an effort to create a miniature guide to minecraft. In this section, I hope that I can tell you all about all of the mobs in Minecraft, whether they are friendly, or the not-so-friendly. Here you can find compressed guides to mobs, their behaviour, and their purpose. What purpose do they serve? How can they benefit the player? What materials do they drop? In these sections I start off with a quick overview, tips on how to find or kill them, breeding and more. Using Featured Mobs, I hope that you are able to answer any problems about mobs you have, and that you can use them to their fullest potential.



Published on April 7, 2012

Ocelots are passive mobs that only spawn inside jungle biomes. They are the second mob to become tamed,(following wolves). Once tamed the ocelot turns into a cat, which will then follow the player character around, but not as closely as the wolf would. Unlike wolves, cats do not fight back, or protect the player from any hostile mobs/players. However, due to their natural ability, they serve as a creeper deterrent. Any creeper nearby will immediately flee the area. Even if the creeper is provoked, it will flee from a nearby cat or ocelot. Occasionally, cats or ocelots will attack chickens at random, although not enough to be an annoyance. Cats do not take fall damage, and teleport to the player if there is enough distance between them.



Published on May 18, 2012

Wolves are the first companion mob to be implemented in Minecraft. Introduced in Beta version 1.4, they became very useful companions to the player character. Wolves are very versatile mobs, able to find their way to the player character in through water, land, or even at distances. They are however very vulnerable to their surroundings. They take damage from falls, cacti, drowning, suffocation, and basically anything the player character can take damage from. Feeding them any sort of meat will heal them.



Published on June 3, 2012

Zombies are hostile mobs, which will attack the player character given the chance to do so. They show the same height and dimensions as the player character. They move as fast as the player character, but they cannot sprint. Zombies, similar to Skeletons, burn in sunlight.



Published on July 18, 2012

Ghasts, to put them very simply, are flying jellyfishes that shoot explosive fireballs at the player character. They will spawn only in the Nether unless forced to by a spawning egg. They will however only naturally spawn in the Nether at Easy or higher difficulty. They are white, ghost like jellyfish, that hover around the nether looking for the player character.



Published on August 12, 2012

Chickens are peaceful mobs that offer the player character feathers, food, and eggs. They are about half the player size, coming down to a block tall. They can fit through any, 1×1 block hole and will commonly do so. Their AI tends to lead them to wander aimlessly, although they are talented at finding their way around the world. They navigate most blocks and obstacles easily enough, and they also tend to search out areas of light compared to areas of darkness. When they fall from anything higher than a 1 block high fall, they flap their wings and will glide down to the ground taking no fall damage whatsoever. Chickens lay eggs every 5-10 minutes, with an average of 7.4 minutes per egg.



Published on August 14, 2012

In this special post, we look at 4 different mobs! I’ve decided to combine the posts for the Spider and the Skeleton into one as they are all related in a similar way. There are two different variants of the spiders, and the skeletons and the spiders can also become Spider Jockeys. So, henceforth, they shall be known as one. And so it was.



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