Minecraft Survival Series

Survival. This is the main function of Minecraft. This is the game mode that most people play on and involves a lot of running from monsters, desperately searching for food, and building shelters. Anyone can make a few videos or posts about everyday Minecraft, but isn’t that a little boring after a while?

In our eternal struggle to find a suitable topic for a post, sometimes the post just creates itself. For example, creating a new world to test out a mod and spawning on a series of islands led me to begin a Survival Island series. However, here at The Block Brothers, we try to do something unique with our survival series, something that everyone hasn’t already done before.

We currently have 3 survival series. Here they are.


Day 1

Day 2


Started on August 22. 2012 by Jonah

Day 6

Ok, maybe this one isn’t as unique as our other series. It is still fun though. Long ago there was an adventure map that someone started. You were alone on one island with a tree. From there you had to complete a series of tasks. When I created a new world and spawned on a single island one time, I knew that I was going to start a survival series on this island. This island had just one tree and plenty of open space. Not far from this island was another island. There was nothing on this island but grass, but I currently use it for a tree farm. This series is an attempt to show what Minecraft is in its true, vanilla form.

Day 8

Day 1- Getting Started
Published 8/22/12

Day 11

Day 11

Day 2- Time to Mine
Published 8/23/12

Days 3/4- Aggressive Expansion
Published 9/6/12

Day 5- More House Construction
Published 9/18/12

Day 6- Interior Decorating
Published 10/4/12

Day 7- Spring Cleaning
Published 10/13/12

Day 8- Pimping My House…1.4 Style
Published 10/27/12

Day 9- Welcome Tyler!
Published 11/10/12

Day 10-More Interior Decorating
Published 12/12/12

Day 11- Preparing for The End
Published 12/13/12


Day 1

Day 5


Started on August 21, 2012 by Tyler

Day 6

This series is the one that started it all. Tyler wanted to come up with some sort of survival series but couldn’t think of one. He came up with two possibilities: Skyblock or Superflat. He asked me which one I thought would be better and I recommended Superflat, based on its uniqueness. He started Superflat and realized how evil Slimes are when they surround you. He rage quit a few times but eventually managed to survive. In Superflat, you either find a village or you die, simple as that.

Days 1/2- Finding a Village
Published on 8/21/12

Days 3-5- Trees, Cobble, and Chickens
Published on 8/24/12

Day 6- Relocating
Published on 8/25/12

This series has concluded. See new Superflat Survival below.



Day 2

Day 2

Started on December 5, 2012 by Tyler

Tyler was looking to start a new series and eventually came up with the idea of trying Superflat Survival again, but this time he decided to try one of the new presets for Superflat, the Desert. In the desert things are much different than normal. There are no animals to roast over the fire, there isn’t any wood (so you’d better find a sapling), and water, dirt, and other precious resources can only be found in villages. On the plus side, with recent changes you can find mineshafts, dungeons, pyramids and more hidden goodies underground. Also, and this may be the best thing of all, there aren’t any slimes!

Day 1- Surviving the Sahara
Published 12/5/12

Day 2- Empty Homes and Dragon Eggs
Published 12/15/12


The Overworld


The Nether

Started on September 1, 2012 by Jonah

I did a series similar to this many months ago, but it didn’t last very long. I went to the Nether and tried to see how long I could survive. I did this on a world that I had played on already so I just took some of my items and went to the Nether. I came unprepared and died rather quickly. In an attempt to improve this series and make it a bit more interesting, I tried again. This time, I started a new world and gave myself 1 HOUR to collect some supplies. After the hour had passed, I would go straight to the Nether and survive as long as possible. Once I die in the Nether, the world is done and so is this series.

Part 6

Part 1- Finding the Basics
Published on 9/1/12

Part 2- Mining
Published 9/10/12

Part 3- More Mining
Published 9/13/12

Part 4- Escaping the Cave
Published 9/21/12

Part 5- Building a Home
Published 10/2/12

Part 6- War
Published 10/20/12

This series has concluded.


Old and New Lighthouses

Old and New Lighthouses



Dharma Logo

Started on November 17, 2012 by Jonah



I decided a while ago that we should try to start a new series. I wasn’t sure what we should do, but I knew that it should be something sort of interesting. I then thought about all the things we had promised to do before (build a sky castle, rebuild my island, etc). I realized that we should at least try to accomplish those things. Then I decided that we shouldn’t have another Survival series, we should have a Creative Building series. That is what this series is. We have a list of things that we are going to build eventually. Some of them are nostalgic re-creations of things I had on my old world. For example, on this series I am going to rebuild my old lighthouse almost exactly as it was. Then I will make a significantly better lighthouse. We’re basically pimping my old Minecraft. We will do some new stuff too, so don’t worry.

Part 1- Old Lighthouse
Published 11/17/12

Part 2- New Lighthouse
Published 12/1/12

Part 3- Dharma Logo
Published 12/7/12

Part 4- Skins and Ice Cream
Published 12/22/12


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