An Update

Hello everyone, this is Sun from the (former) Block Brothers. Just making a real quick post informing you guys of my new blog, From The Sun, which I update every Friday. Even though Jonah and I may have canceled the Block Brothers, I still continue making posts on From The Sun. Although I won’t be updating posts nearly as often as we used to on this blog, I still do weekly posts, and will be branching out to more games than just Minecraft.



So yeah, if you guys still would like to read about Minecraft and other games, come check my  blog out right here!

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The Great Server Giveaway!

There comes a time for every Minecrafter when you think about starting, or even renting a server. Whether this is for some friends and yourself to hang out and build that epic castle you’ve always dreamed about, or maybe you wanted to always host a huge server where people all over the internet can get together and play. Maybe you just need a server for a little while for a project, or for a video. Perhaps you wanted to try out a server before dedicating yourself to a certain host. Well, have I got the answer for you, and guess what? It’s free. Introducing FreeMc, a website specializing in free servers.

Now, this isn’t a server listing website, but rather a giveaway. If you want to have your own server for a month, for absolutely no cost, this is the place to go. I’m going to go over it in a bit more detail, along with how to register for the next giveaway. I proudly present you;

Free Mc

Click inside the red square. I dare you.

Click inside the red square. I dare you.

I can’t stress enough just how awesome of an idea this is. For a long time I had looked for something just like this, while looking for a way for Jonah and I to work together on posts. As much as we wanted to rent a server then, we didn’t have the money or the methods to do so just yet. Since Riley had offered to host a server on his computer, we had initially agreed out of need.

Sadly, hosting a server for three people and playing on it is a lot of stress for even a good computer like his. We moved onto an old computer of Jonah’s, the one he had played before he got a new computer. We used that for awhile, although even that didn’t last long. Whether it was the lag from the computer, or Jonah’s internet that would cut out, we needed a different server. I suppose if a computer can barely handle ¬†Minecraft, it definitely can’t handle a server.

Eventually we moved onto an old computer of mine,one that was only slightly worse than mine.(This was before my new beast of a computer) Sadly, after a few weeks the computer crapped out and we had to move on.

Thankfully, at this time, I had a credit card and we were able to rent a server from Exodushosting. We still use them for all of our posts, and playing some Minecraft for fun naturally. During that time, it would have been awesome to have a free server.

Although we no longer need a free server(For posts at least), some people want a server where they can try somethings out and create something awesome. Free Mc is just that. A chance to play with friends for free! Why not.

Registering is easy enough. Create a free account,(If you already have an enjiin account, then just log in with that. Create a post about why you want a server, how long you have played Minecraft and all that jazz. Reply to the other forums and you are golden. You are now entered to win a free server for a month.

I wish you the best of luck, and maybe we’ll see you on your server sometime!

Remember: The winners will be announced on February 28th and this is where you can apply.

We are also applying, and assuming we win one, we will finally have a real server for our fans to play on.


Minecraft News — January 2013

Hey everyone! It’s been a while. I’m sorry for that, but I have enjoyed this break from the blog. I have also been tasked with designing a blog for my school newspaper which I will be writing for soon, so I haven’t had much time or motivation to do a post.

I hope we can start on posts again soon, but no guarantees.

Anyway, let’s talk about some Minecraft news from this month (news posts are generally posted on a weekly basis, but since we haven’t had one in a while, we are covering all of this month so far).

Most of the news is snapshots, snapshots, and more snapshots. So let’s talk about them.


You probably know most of this stuff by now, so I’ll just cover the main additions.

  • Redstone Comparator
  • Daylight sensor
  • Hopper
  • Trapped chest
  • Weighted pressure plates
  • Block of Redstone
  • Nether Quartz
  • Nether brick (item) and crafting recipe for Nether Brick block
  • Inventory changes

Click here to download the snapshot.


This snapshot did not include as many additions as the previous one, for the most part it improved the previous additions (such as the Hopper, Comparator, etc).

  • Improvements to texture packs
  • New death messages
  • Quartz blocks
  • Activator rail
  • Minecart with TNT

Click here to download the snapshot.


  • Texture pack button (previously on the main menu) moved to Options, allowing players to change texture packs in-game.
  • More difficult Zombies/Skeletons (based on difficulty)
  • Minecart with Hopper
  • Dropper
  • Improvements to command blocks, detector rails, Quartz blocks, Minecart w/ TNT, and infinite water sources.

Click here to download the snapshot.


It seems like we may have an update for the Pocket Edition within the next couple weeks. What will be added in 0.5.1?

Gravity will be added for Sand and Gravel. Stairs, slabs, and clouds will also make their debut.

The Pocket Edition is starting to move up in the world of Minecraft. Of course it may never reach the level that the PC and Xbox versions are at due to hand held device performance limitations. Sad but true.

That’s all folks. Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!