Mutant Creeper Mod Review! (205/365)

Hello everyone. I hope that you’re all ready for a bit of a treat today. Today I present to all of our readers, The Mutant Creeper Mod! I’m incredibly excited to show you guys this mod, as I had a lot of fun with this. This mod is rather simple, but adds a few new elements and two new mobs. The New Mobs: The Mutant Creeper.

Oh dear

This monstrosity is the main focus of this mod. This is a creeper version, that spawns during the night, has 50 hearts and is really powerful. Seem bad enough? We haven’t even started! This creeper has a main attack, where it will hit it’s head at you causing damage. There is a second Jump-Attack where, as you can guess, it jumps up in the air. When it lands however it creates a creeper explosion, while managing to stay alive.

Oh god…

Also, there is a chance that the Mutant Creeper will go into charge mode. In this mode, he flashes five times and doesn’t move. If you don’t attack him during this time, he will heal himself 15 hearts. Also, there is a 10% chance that he will be struck by lightning, making it an even stronger, scarier foe! Minions: The Mutant Creeper will occasionally shoot out miniature-creepers, which are basically weaker versions of creepers. They are still annoying until later. The Idea: The idea of the mod is to kill a Mutant Creeper, upon which it will drop a creeper egg. This creeper egg, when right-clicked will stack upon the player character’s head. You can stack quite a few at a time! This creeper egg, which takes about 3-5 minecraft days to hatch, will spawn a friendly creeper minion. This minion will follow you around, very similar to a dog, and even teleport to you when far away. This creeper can be told to sit and can be upgraded. The first thing you want to do is to feed the creeper tnt, as tnt makes it so the creeper doesn’t die from it’s initial explosion. More tnt can be used to improve the blast radius. Gunpowder is used to heal, and/or upgrade the creeper pet’s health. Creating a ‘Creeper Stats’ item will allow you to check it’s health, it’s power and you can even change it’s name!

My pet creeper.

Creating  the ‘Creeper Stats’ item is as easy as this: On a last note, be careful as soon as you kill a Mutant Creeper. The Mutant Creeper will start to glow white, and charge and eventually make a huge explosion. Best bet is to run as soon as possible, as the Mutant Creeper activates a magnet-type pull which will pull you in. And kill you.



All in all, I found this mod very entertaining and worth the download. While not the biggest, it is awesome. I really enjoyed having a pet creeper, who would defend me at the slight danger. The Mutant Creeper was a dangerous, but fun to fight mob. For that, I give it 4 out of 5 diamonds! Until tomorrow then!

Happy Mining!


Link to the mod.