Gaming Day, Everyday!

I can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since our last post…and that was just a post telling you all about our newest blog.

Well here we are again, telling the world that we have started yet another blog. A new blog that, in my opinion, shows the most promise of all of our others thus far.

Tyler and I are still working together and on this blog we will be talking about all videogames, not just Minecraft. We’ll write reviews for games, discuss issues in today’s gaming culture, talk about the latest in gaming news, and more!

So far we have discussed the problems in the modern Resident Evil series and we also went over E3 and gave a summary of all the great games and news revealed there.

We would love it if you stopped by and checked out our latest blog. And if you like it, you can follow us and/or like our Facebook page! Thanks for being awesome and checking out The Block Brothers. Now go be even more awesome and check out…

Gaming Day, Everyday!


Gaming Day Everyday:

Resident Evil post:

E3 2014 Overview:


An Update

Hello everyone, this is Sun from the (former) Block Brothers. Just making a real quick post informing you guys of my new blog, From The Sun, which I update every Friday. Even though Jonah and I may have canceled the Block Brothers, I still continue making posts on From The Sun. Although I won’t be updating posts nearly as often as we used to on this blog, I still do weekly posts, and will be branching out to more games than just Minecraft.



So yeah, if you guys still would like to read about Minecraft and other games, come check my  blog out right here!

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