Enchanting Plus Mod Review (175/365)

I am so full of crap sometimes.

Did I write this post last night like I said I was going to? No.

Did I have time to write the post today? Uh, hell no!

Did I have fun today, at least? Yes, but now I am tired and I want to sleep instead of making a post.

Can I skip this post? I wish, but the laws of a 365 blog forbid me from doing so. Crap!

Am I really going to write this post in 30 minutes? I don’t have much choice, do I?

Let’s do this.

So do you hate the randomness of enchanting? Yes of course you do. Well the Enchanting Plus mod allows you to do several things: Customize your enchantments, remove enchantments on a certain item (if you really want to, you get some xp back), repair items (costs xp though), and transfer enchantments from one item to another (this can cost xp). Cool right? I think so. Let’s look at some pics.

This is the new menu when you right-click on the enchanting table.

All of the possible enchantments are listed. Obviously, you can’t get a sharpness enchantment along with smite or bane of arthropods, or vice-versa. Other than that, you can get whatever you want, as long as you have enough xp anyway.

You see, if I have everything set to max, I can’t enchant it because I don’t have enough xp.

Now if I bring it down the enchanting a bit, I get a fire aspect 2, sharpness 5, and looting 1 diamond sword.

Let’s fight off a horde of zombies now with our new sword.

Piece of cake. Now I apologize for the zombies that look brighter, they are on fire. For some reason (and it may just be because I had too many mods installed at once, I think 5), Enchanting Plus and Optifine (I am guessing that is the problem mod) were not working well together because water, lava, and fire were not animated. Oh well.

This is how a super diamond pick plows through a stack of diamond ores.

I ended up getting 2x the normal amount of diamonds with this pick. And I mowed through them in probably half the time.

This is how you delete certain enchantments.

Repairing an item.

And transferring enchantments to another item (it has to be the same item though).



I give this mod 4/5 diamonds because I love the fact that it removes the randomness that comes with enchanting, adds the opportunity to repair your tools, and adds other cool things. My only problem with it is that it seems to clash with one of my other mods therefore causing weird things to happen with water, lava, and fire.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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