Gaming Day, Everyday!

I can’t believe that it’s been more than a year since our last post…and that was just a post telling you all about our newest blog.

Well here we are again, telling the world that we have started yet another blog. A new blog that, in my opinion, shows the most promise of all of our others thus far.

Tyler and I are still working together and on this blog we will be talking about all videogames, not just Minecraft. We’ll write reviews for games, discuss issues in today’s gaming culture, talk about the latest in gaming news, and more!

So far we have discussed the problems in the modern Resident Evil series and we also went over E3 and gave a summary of all the great games and news revealed there.

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Gaming Day, Everyday!


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Resident Evil post:

E3 2014 Overview:


An Update

Hello everyone, this is Sun from the (former) Block Brothers. Just making a real quick post informing you guys of my new blog, From The Sun, which I update every Friday. Even though Jonah and I may have canceled the Block Brothers, I still continue making posts on From The Sun. Although I won’t be updating posts nearly as often as we used to on this blog, I still do weekly posts, and will be branching out to more games than just Minecraft.



So yeah, if you guys still would like to read about Minecraft and other games, come check my  blog out right here!

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Farewell, and thanks for everything!

Hello everybody, Tyler and Jonah here. Long time no post, right?

Well we come to you today with some sort of sad news. As you may know, we haven’t written a post in almost two months. We are writing this post today to let you know that we are officially leaving the blog now.

We are going to talk about why we have decided to stop writing, what our plans for the future are, and we will thank all of you for making this blog awesome. Let’s begin our final post.


Since I came back to college I have been designing and working on a new blog for my school’s newspaper. Initially I believed that I could manage this new blog and our Minecraft blog, but it was more difficult than I originally believed it to be.

In addition to working on a new time-consuming blog, I have started to hang out with friends a lot more than I had in the past which has taken up a fair amount of time as well.

Finally, I have lost a lot of my joy for Minecraft these days. I contribute most of this to the fact that I am unable to play on servers at college due to the internet here. It’s irritating, but I can’t do anything about it. All of these things combined led to me eventually giving up on writing for the blog.

So what’s next for me? Not much. I plan to continue working on my school newspaper’s blog for as long as I can. And while I am doing so, it seems unlikely that I will return to personal blogging. Perhaps one day, but not anytime soon. I have thought about doing a blog on my own (whether it be about games or something else I do not know), but I may start a new blog one day.

We will not be deleting this blog. We want it to remain on the Internet as long as we can so people can check it out if they want. But even more than that, this was a huge achievement for Tyler and I, this blog has a bit of sentimental value to it and I feel that we are leaving it online mostly for our sake. It stands as a reminder to us that we succeeded in our goal of writing one post a day for an entire year.

While I am sad that this blog is done, I do not regret our decision to officially call it quits. The odds of us writing anymore posts was so low that it was our duty to write this post to let our viewers know that this was the end.



Alright. First off, I would like to personally apologize for the delay in posts. I feel really bad about it, although I feel I do have a good reason. Simple, I was tired. Writing a post nearly every day really took it out of me, both physically and mentally. I found that, when it came to writing posts, I no longer had that reserve of post ideas. Before starting this blog, I had a lot of ideas, and continued to get ideas but it became more difficult to write about them. It didn’t have the same charm, although I really enjoyed seeing how many people actually read our blog everyday. For that, I thank you. As Jonah said, college was also part of that reason. I had a lot of stuff going on for me.

As for the future, I have an idea. I have created a new blog, called From the Sun through WordPress. Basically, I plan on doing something similar to what we did, with the Block Brothers, but with a little difference. I will still do posts on Minecraft, but I will be also include other games such as Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, Don’t Starve, Starforge and mainly a few indie games. I want to make a transition towards a game blog, not just a Minecraft blog. Not that there is anything wrong with Minecraft, I just think that I could write about more than that. I will be doing similar things with other games, do a few playthroughs, custom maps, strategy, tips, ideas, and all that fun stuff. If you are interested in something like that, then check out my new blog; (There isn’t much there yet, but there will be soon)

We would like to say one more big thank you to our viewers for reading this blog. We would never had made it all 365 days if it wasn’t for you and we mean that.

So…thank you.

This is Jonah and Tyler saying for one final time…

Happy Mining!