LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 12- The Flame (255/365)

Welcome to our next installment in the LOST Adventure Map Series. Today, we discover another Dharma station as we attempt to find and rescue Jack. Let’s begin.

Step 1: After discussing the plan with Locke, you go out to find some food.

La lala lala, picking some apples from a tree.

Yay! Apples! Now, back to work. Wait…what was that?

Hmm, what is a cow doing all the way out here?

You hear a whistle from the jungle. Now you are really wondering what’s going on.

Step 2: Survey the area

You follow the cow and discover a giant building and a satelite dish on top of it.

You go back and find Locke and Kate. You approach the house and a man walks out claiming to be the last member of the Dharma Initiative. He welcomes you into the station, but you remain alert. He says his name is Mikhail and that this station is called “The Flame” and is used for communicating with the outside world. Unfortunately, the satellite no longer works.

You sit down and have a chat with this man but after a while he attacks you. You knock him out, tie him up and decide to explore the station a bit.

Wait, what is this, “Enter 77”? You want to know what this computer does but you decide that you might want to wait since you don’t know what will happen.

You go downstairs and find something rather mysterious. There is TNT along the walls. You decide that it might be better to leave the station soon.

You take a map and a block of TNT from the chest. You never know when a little TNT might come in handy…

As Kate and Sayid are leaving the station with Mikhail, you go back to the computer room.

You find a movie that says if the hostiles have infiltrated the station that you should enter 77. So, you enter 77.

We know what that TNT was for now…

Using the map you took from the station, you head towards a place called “The Barracks.” You believe that this place is a community where Jack and the Others are.

Step 3: Locate the Barracks

This way.

Uh oh. You find these fence posts or whatever they are. You are careful since you don’t know what they do.

You see that the fence extends quite a bit.

Mikhail says that the fence stretches around the barracks, and that there is no way around it. He says the fence has not worked in years but Locke doesn’t believe him. He throws him into the fence where he gets kind of messed up by the fence.

It is a sonar fence and it will kill you if you try to cross it. So, instead of going through it or around it, you decide to go over it.

Step 4: Build a way over the fence

You dig up some dirt to make a little staircase over the fence.

This should work quite nicely.

You jump over the fence and nothing happens. You are ok. You decide to push on and find the barracks.

Stay tuned for Chapter 13: The Submarine! Coming soon!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


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