The Great Server Giveaway!

There comes a time for every Minecrafter when you think about starting, or even renting a server. Whether this is for some friends and yourself to hang out and build that epic castle you’ve always dreamed about, or maybe you wanted to always host a huge server where people all over the internet can get together and play. Maybe you just need a server for a little while for a project, or for a video. Perhaps you wanted to try out a server before dedicating yourself to a certain host. Well, have I got the answer for you, and guess what? It’s free. Introducing FreeMc, a website specializing in free servers.

Now, this isn’t a server listing website, but rather a giveaway. If you want to have your own server for a month, for absolutely no cost, this is the place to go. I’m going to go over it in a bit more detail, along with how to register for the next giveaway. I proudly present you;

Free Mc

Click inside the red square. I dare you.

Click inside the red square. I dare you.

I can’t stress enough just how awesome of an idea this is. For a long time I had looked for something just like this, while looking for a way for Jonah and I to work together on posts. As much as we wanted to rent a server then, we didn’t have the money or the methods to do so just yet. Since Riley had offered to host a server on his computer, we had initially agreed out of need.

Sadly, hosting a server for three people and playing on it is a lot of stress for even a good computer like his. We moved onto an old computer of Jonah’s, the one he had played before he got a new computer. We used that for awhile, although even that didn’t last long. Whether it was the lag from the computer, or Jonah’s internet that would cut out, we needed a different server. I suppose if a computer can barely handle  Minecraft, it definitely can’t handle a server.

Eventually we moved onto an old computer of mine,one that was only slightly worse than mine.(This was before my new beast of a computer) Sadly, after a few weeks the computer crapped out and we had to move on.

Thankfully, at this time, I had a credit card and we were able to rent a server from Exodushosting. We still use them for all of our posts, and playing some Minecraft for fun naturally. During that time, it would have been awesome to have a free server.

Although we no longer need a free server(For posts at least), some people want a server where they can try somethings out and create something awesome. Free Mc is just that. A chance to play with friends for free! Why not.

Registering is easy enough. Create a free account,(If you already have an enjiin account, then just log in with that. Create a post about why you want a server, how long you have played Minecraft and all that jazz. Reply to the other forums and you are golden. You are now entered to win a free server for a month.

I wish you the best of luck, and maybe we’ll see you on your server sometime!

Remember: The winners will be announced on February 28th and this is where you can apply.

We are also applying, and assuming we win one, we will finally have a real server for our fans to play on.



MinePick, Mine!

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Block Brothers. This week has been a special week for us, as we have had not one, but two requests from websites to do review on them. As a member of The Block Brothers, it is my duty to tell you guys about these very awesome websites, since I do consider myself an informant(Self-appointed I might add) for all the Minecraft players out there! Both of us, Jonah and I, are always searching and looking for something to write about, something to show to our dedicated readers. If you are a server admin, or own a website related to Minecraft, or even want a post done for your website, we would be honored to help. As you may already know, our email is Thank you, and enjoy the post!

As we all know too well, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find a good, reliable server to play on. Since Minecraft is not an MMO, and you can’t find somewhere to play on, what you need to look for is a good server listing website. While there are no doubt many different server hosting websites out there, including the almighty Minecraft forums, sometimes you need to find a good website dedicated to listing servers. And with that, I present to you,!


Minepick, or is a website dedicated entirely to listing servers. While it may list only 141(only?) servers at the moment, it will no doubt be increasing the number it lists. The best part? You can advertise your website on this server, for free. Almost every listing service I’ve seen has some startup fee for listing your server as well as a monthly fee involved. eliminates the need for paying to advertise your server to others out there, and the only charge is for bids for the top spot on the website.

Not only that, but Minepick lists all of the servers by the type that they are, making it easy for a player(such as myself) to easily see if a server is survival or not. It also has a search bar! A necessity I assure you.

All in all, I think that this website is a great place to find a server to play on. As I said before, there are currently 141 servers listed, but that number will no doubt multiply when people find out they can advertise here.(For Free!) As soon as I get some free time from college, I’ll be checking to see what servers I can find.

Click here to check out the website for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post. Remember, if you have ideas or suggestions, or even just want to have a deep philosophical talk with the authors about Minecraft, send us an email or comment below. Thanks!

Stay tuned for a post this weekend!


Proxy a Server? Yes please!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Block Brothers.

Today, I have some really exciting news for those that play Minecraft(obviously) and more importantly, those who play multiplayer. As you may or may not know, many servers usually host about 20-40 players on average. While that is a decent number, many times it feels restricting. Some of the more high end servers, such as the Hunger Games servers, host about 120. Now, that’s a high amount. However, due to a recent proxy developed by md_5, servers no longer have a limit.

Basically, using this proxy a server owner can essentially ‘combine’ servers into a multi-server. So, in example, someone could combine servers together in order to create a server that can host over 2000 people! That is something truly amazing. In the article I read, a server owner basically had a lobby, where players would first connect and then right click a sign, or go through a portal to go to  specific server. What’s cool about this is that in the case of the Hunger Games servers, or something big like that where you usually have to search for an opening on a server, you could join a lobby and wait for a server to open. Not only that, but I could reduce the 8 hunger games servers I have into one, therefore freeing up some more room on my Multiplayer list.

This proxy, while still in its infancy and not the most famous yet, will cause huge changes in the way Minecraft Multiplayer in the future works. No longer will we have to have huge server lists or anything like that, and depending on if Mojang looks at this at all, we may have just revolutionized the way Minecraft is played online.

If you want to get a much better understanding of this, and see some photos of this in action, check out this link: Here

I hope you enjoyed, and Happy Mining!